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Arena 3.0

Arena 3.0 is available since 2010-12-24, no longer for download

small arrow Arena 3.0 ZIP (17 MB): Arena 3.0 with engines SOS 5.1, AnMon 5.75, Hermann 2.6, Ruffian 1.05, Rybka 2.2 free, Spike 1.2, book Perfect_2010 by Sedat Canbas, mini book Titus 2.4 (by Kevin Frayer), mini book Olympiad, PGN database from Olivier DEVILLE, EloStat 1.3, Gaviota 3-men tablebases, Speedtest 1.0.2, flags, fonts, graphics, help files, without setup program.

small arrow Arena 3.0 setup (16 MB): Arena 3.0 setup includes everything from the ZIP plus engines Nejmet 3.07 and Dragon 4.6 plus move announcements.  

 small arrow Arena 3.0 Help for Wine German Arena help files for Linux, copy to folder Readme/Help. Not necessary on Windows. 

small arrow Arena 3.0 Help for Wine English Arena help files for Linux, copy to folder Readme/Help. Not necessary on Windows. 

Most important changes compared to last public version 2.5:

  • UCIFilter fixed+improved
  • Removing engines from memory after aborting tournament mode works now
  • It is now possible to make an engine weaker in ICS mode
  • Mainlines can be saved as variations in PGN (optional)
  • Nodes/sec now works for Winboard engines
  • New option for Knodes/second instead of nodes/second
  • Sound at start of Arena now hearable
  • Autoplayer repaired
  • Wine tournament bug fixed: engines can restart now
  • Wine font bug fixed: If fonts Arial or Courier New not available, choose appropriate one, not random one
  • Wine helpfile reader added as separate download
  • Wine does not show Chess Merida Arena's mask. Mask disabled on wine, so graphics is not spoilled
  • If no font "Wingdings" available (common on Wine), show simple '+','=' and '-' characters, not wrong ones
  • Inactive buttons in tournament mode visible, not invisible, but inactive as they should
  • Auto-Analysis: Comprehensive output in report starts with 1
  • Auto-Analysis: Bug removed where positions were not analyzed
  • Auto-Analysis: New option for adding parameter info in report file
  • In PGN output duplicate game result in braces removed, e.g.: {1-0 Arena adjudication} 1-0
  • Superflous "..." after last move in PGN removed
  • Winboard options "memory", "cores" and "egtpath" now globally setable
  • Bug in combo boxes in Winboard options removed
  • Option "Large Logos" works again



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