Arena 3.5.1

Arena 3.5.1 is available since 2015-12-20

small arrow Arena 3.5.1 ZIP (17 MB): Arena 3.5.1 with engines SOS 5.1, AnMon 5.75, Hermann 2.8, Ruffian 1.05, Rybka 2.3.2a free, Spike 1.4, book Perfect_2010 by Sedat Canbas, mini book Titus 2.4 (by Kevin Frayer), mini book Olympiad, PGN database from Olivier DEVILLE, EloStat 1.3, Gaviota 3-men tablebases, Speedtest 1.0.2, flags, fonts, graphics, help files, without setup program.

small arrow Arena 3.5.1 setup (16 MB): Arena 3.5.1 setup includes everything from the ZIP plus engines Nejmet 3.07 and Dragon 4.6 plus move announcements.

This is mainly a bugfix release. Most important changes compared to last public version 3.5.1: