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Arena for Linux

Arena 1.0 for Linux is available since 2016-11-12

small arrow arenalinux_64bit_1.0.tar.gz (27 MB): Arena 64 Bit Linux, recommended for almost all modern computers

small arrow arenalinux_32bit_1.0.tar.gz (22 MB): Arena 32 Bit Linux, for old computers 

small arrow arenalinux_arm_1.0.tar.gz (16 MB): Arena for ARM Linux, for Raspberry Pi or other computers with an ARM CPU. 

Just unpack the archive to a folder of you choice.

  • First public release of the Linux version
  • Differences to the Windows version
    • Better integration into your Linux desktop than the Wine version
    • Can run all engines types: Linux, and Windows (if Wine installed)
  • Completely UTF-8
  • Uses Ordo for rating calculation
  • no Citrine, Autoplayer, ICS or printing yet
  • Sounds via external command line player (mpg123, music123 or music321) possible

Bundled engines:

  • AICE 0.99.2
  • Alfil 12 MT
  • Gaviota v1.0
  • Hermann 2.7.1
  • K2 v.087
  • Spike 1.2 Turin
  • Stockfish 8

Note: The ARM version has only K2 bundled.

Other included files:

Book Perfect_2010 by Sedat Canbas, mini book Titus 2.4 (by Kevin Frayer), mini book Olympiad, PGN database from Olivier DEVILLE, Ordo, EloStat 1.3 (Wine required), Gaviota 3-men tablebases, flags, fonts, graphics, help files


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