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    • Arena is a chess tool that assists you in analyzing and playing games as well as in testing chess engines.
    • Arena has an easy-to-use and configurable interface. Adjust Arena according to your personal preferences!
    • Approx. 250 chess engines run under Arena. Strengths vary from very strong to easy to beat, some have adjustable strength.
    • Arena supports the free and publicly available protocols UCI and Winboard for the communication between GUI and Engine.
    • Detailed information - the analysis lines tell everything about the thinking process of the chess engines.
    • Unique tournament features - Find out, how the chess engines compete against each other.
    • You can play online games against people worldwide.
    • You can analyse games automatically.
    • Arena supports Gaviota tablebases for endgame analysis
    • Extensive Help
    • Printing - clearly laid out output on paper.
    • EPD-Support - Easy analysis of position databases.
    • PGN-Support - Game - databases clearly arranged.
    • Support of the DGT Chessboard for the game with real pieces - Connect the electronic DGT Chessboard to your PC, switch off your screen and play a real competetive game against one or more of the wide range of available WinBoard or UCI Engines.
    • Support of the Novag Citrine Chess computer to play with real pieces.
    • Support of 19 languages for the GUI in Windows.
    • Arena can display the opening name, can use opening books, Chess960, analysis board, etc. etc...


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