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Archive 1 (oldest)

 January 16th, 2005, January 17th, 2005
ecocodes in French, POLL

16, FQ

1. Today Arnaud LOHEAC sent the French ecocodes.txt translation. Now ecocodes.txt is available in five languages. It seems there are a lot of great moments for Arena. Each day we got new files (opening books, menu translation, other material). Really one of the biggest events for all the French users to have this French ecocodes.txt. Today in the evening Arnaud sent us an update (I made the file to fast available, sorry Arnaud).

On January 17th, 2005 Arnaud sent the next one!
WOW, Arnaud was working the whole day on this file and made the translation perfectly. What for a Sunday work for our team and "you"!
MANY, many thanks!

2. Yesterday I added the first poll for the year 2005 on Arena webpage. We hope for a lot of votes.
Go to
Poll 1/2005

3. Michael Jesdinsky sent his opening book for our webpage. More and more opening books are available on Arena webpage, great!


January 16th, 2005
ELOstat 1.3 for Arena available

15, FQ

Dr. Frank Schubert sent the "Arena" version of ELOstat. I wrote yesterday that Arena used ELOstat as "PlugIn". Please read my message to ELOstat from yesterday.

ELOstat 1.3 for Arena can be found under User Files, Engines
Please replace the ELOstat.exe with the file in your Arena / ELOstat folder!

Under "User Files, Engines" I added yesterday a little German comment by Dr. Frank Schubert.

Frank wrote me:
"Im Anhang findest Du die neueste Version. Wichtigste Änderung ist eine neue bessere Routine zur Berechnung der Konfidenzintervalle."

I believe with the German word "Konfidenzintervalle" much German readers have understanding problems and within I ask Frank for more information.

Today Frank wrote:
"Für Konfidenzintervalle kann man auch "Vertrauensintervalle" schreiben. Das ist im Grunde der statistische Fehler der berechneten Elozahlen (in der Rangliste sind das die beiden Spalten hinter der Elozahl). Je mehr Partien gespielt werden, umso kleiner werden die. Jede Rangliste ohne solche Fehlergrenzen ist aus meiner Sicht wertlos, da man nicht erkennen kann, wie zuverlässig diese Rangliste ist."

Now all is clear!
THANKS Frank again!


January 15th, 2005
New opening book, FTP by Dann Corbit

14, FQ

Dann Corbit sent an update from his SuperBook. The book is really hugeness!
Only the opening book by Wael Deeb is with 135 Mb bigger.
The first version of Super Book is a 29 Mb *.abk file, the second new version a 92 Mb *.abk file.

Dann sent the following additional information (on Arena webpage is only the newest opening book available).

Here is the old one:

Here is the new one:

This is the PGN from which the new book was derived:

On the FTP directory by Dann can be found a lot of interesting material. Engines, older engines, books for different engines, sources from chess programs and much more. Different users have problems to start the FTP links from the explorer.

Much more easy to make a connection with a good FTP client, like Total Commander!

Example: Total Commander (download Total Commander, one of the best available tools in WWW)

Menu: Net / FTP connect / new connection
Session = Dann Corbit
Host name (Port) =
User name = anonymous
Click on anonymous login and give your mail address!

The new opening book version by Dann's SuperBook is the reason for me to try to sorted the books on User Files, Engines better. In size the opening books are sorted now.  You have directly for each book the information of number of moves and depth in halfmoves. All opening books are available in *.rar format (it's also new). (WINRAR)

Additional information from today:
- the engine books for Shredder, Fruit and List by Alexander Schmidt can be found on User Files, Engines too.
- I delete the comments in ATL main database. The download file from all ATL games is much smaler (around 2,36 Mb). The database can be found under

The size in "Mb" of Arena webpage is at the moment -- 251,51 --
Mb are opening books!


January 15th, 2005
ELOstat 1.3 available

13, FQ

Dr. Frank Schubert updated ELOstat. On Arena webpage are two versions available. Version 1.1a (standard version) and version 1.2-2 (for Arena). Version 1.2-2 is more or less a plugin for Arena Chess GUI Frank and Martin added for around 1 1/2 years. This great tool by Dr. Frank Schubert is very popular and the most users of chess engines used this tool for the own ELO calculations. In the time Frank develops the first version of ELOstat, Frank used some of the databases from Frank's Chess Page for experiments (CCE-tourney, first WB rating list).

ELOstat 1.3 can be found under User Files, Engines
Possible that Dr. Frank Schubert updated the file for Arena too, he offer us to make it!

Changes from version 1.2 to 1.3:

  • maximum number of different players/programs increased to 1500

  • algorithm for calculating the confidence intervals completely changed (now uses the so called nonparametric ABC method (approximated bootstrap confidence)) by Efron and Tibshirani. Many thanks to Dr. Jeff Lischer (US) for drawing my attention to this fantastic method and to all users who pointed out the insufficiencies of the old method.

  • some minor bugs in individual statistics output removed

Dr. Frank Schubert
Dresden, January 13, 2005

Please read also the readme.rtf file.
The readme is available in German and English!

Thanks Frank!


January 14th, 2005
New opening books, Arena webpage

12, FQ

The first engine books in Arena's own *.abk opening book format are available!
Salvo Spitaleri (Italy) was working a long time on the SOS opening book and gave his book free for all.
I am working on a special book and tested this book with AnMon. The results are very good and maybe AnMon can jumb with this book in ATL-League A?

The books can be found under: User Files, Engines

Furthermore, I works now two weeks on a little bit better Arena webpage. To modify the older HTML webpage is not really a new event, perhaps a little bit boring, but it's important for us that the "Gladiators" can find the important information around Arena, downloads and the other material very fast. For ATL League I added the older Replay-Zone I used on much other of my older webpage’s. In the file Helping persons can be found a list of persons which send us frequently material. The ATL rating list can be click directly in our menu system without to start the ATL detail pages. The file About Arena is at the moment only in German available (some modification) and "only" three of the 18 different menu languages translation is not ready so far. We modified some other things and Manfred Rosenboom helps with the new forms.

Contact form
Bugreport form

Please use the forms. In the feature we will not open again our fora systems. 15 hours per week for the forum and all the mails in combination with the offer fora systems is too many work for us. We hope of understanding!

Interesting is our little "News-Ticker" in User Files, Engines selection. Here can be found information about updates by users / Gladiators!

Soon I will write the first review for our new Review selection.
This is for sure interesting for much of our visitors but the reviews are only in German available.

Lisa found an adequate work station for me!?
A good place for me and my Dual Xeon ATL system. A Gladiator must have it, or not, or what?
What's up here?

Thanks for visiting our webpage and ...
Have a nice weekend!


January 12th, 2005
Portuguese menu translation

11, FQ

Dilso A. Borges (Brazil) sent yesterday the Arena Portuguese menu translation.

Yes, we all wait a long time for the ARENA Portuguese translation ...
This is especially for you by Gladiator Dilso A. Borges!


January 10th, 2005
Arena Ratinglist

10, FQ

Now most of the engines had finished more than 200 games.

After ATL League A, B, C round 6 we got the first stable rating list with around 240 games of each active ATL engine (at the moment the ATL League will go forward to round 6).

Updated engines with higher ELO jumpings are a "little" problem. Good examples are Spike from version 0.8 to 0.9, Fruit from version 1.5 to 2.0 or Gandalf from version 4.32h to 6.0 (Gandalf is playing as guest in ATL League A, B, C round 5 and 6). But the first older results of such engines will be deleted with round 7.

Fruit 1.5 plays ATL League, round 1, 2, 3, 4
Fruit 2.0 plays / will play ATL League, round 5, 6
After my quick test Fruit 2.0 is around 120 ELO stronger as Fruit 1.5.
I will replaced the results from round 1 with the results of round 7, the results of round 2 with the results of round 8 and so on ...

With other words: The ATL League have a clear system!
It needs around one year to finish six rounds in ATL League A, B, C including the cup tourney and the three qualification tourneys.
But you will find to every time the results of all the engines from the latest year.

The ATL rating list based on Intel Dual Xeon 2.8 GHz (ponder = on) and in my opinion the strongest of the available WB / UCI engines.

ATL ratinglist, v.53

Download all 6.432 ATL League games (22.95 Mb)
(on ATL detail pages you can download for each of the 20 finished ATL tourneys the games too).


January 10th, 2005
ATL League C Round 5, final results

09, FQ

Here are the final results of ATL League C round 5 (as guest played Gandalf 6.0 and Trace 1.33a).
The table without the results from Gandalf and Trace, the new rating list, game database can be found under:


Interesting is, that the first three engines will go in League B!
These are Green Light Chess, Spike and Naum.

Naum on ranking 10 will go in League B?
Yes, this is right because without Gandalf and Trace results ... Naum is on ranking three !!!

Rank Engine Country Score Ga Gr Sp Gr In ET Ar Jo Co Na Qu Ne Th Dr Am Tr Po Le De Ph S-B
01 Gandalf 6.0 30.5/38 · · 01 1= == 11 1= 10 11 11 11 11 11 1= =0 01 1= 11 11 11 11  553,50 
02 Green Light Chess 3.0122 23.5/38 10 · · 1= 00 01 == == 0= 11 11 == 01 =1 11 10 11 1= =1 == 10  433,25 
03 Spike 0.9 X2 22.0/38 0= 0= · · 1= 11 =0 1= 10 0= 01 =0 10 1= 11 1= 01 01 11 11 0=  398,50 
04 Gromit 3.82 21.5/38 == 11 0= · · 00 0= 10 0= 1= 0= 1= 0= =1 == 11 1= 11 == == 11  391,75 
05 Insomniac 0.69a 21.5/38 00 10 00 11 · · 11 01 00 10 =0 10 10 10 11 =1 11 == == =1 11  378,75 
06 ETChess 07.12.04 private 20.5/38 0= == =1 1= 00 · · 11 01 10 =0 0= =0 00 == =1 1= 11 01 1= 11  366,50 
07 Arasan 8.2 19.5/38 01 == 0= 01 10 00 · · 10 00 =1 11 01 == 1= =0 =0 11 =1 01 =1  359,75 
08 Jonny 2.70 19.5/38 00 1= 01 1= 11 10 01 · · 0= 10 01 00 =1 00 == == =1 01 11 01  357,75 
09 Comet B68 19.5/38 00 00 1= 0= 01 01 11 1= · · =0 10 1= 1= 11 01 10 10 =0 11 00  356,00 
10 Naum 1.5 19.5/38 00 00 10 1= =1 =1 =0 01 =1 · · 1= 11 10 0= 10 00 0= 11 1= 01  354,75 
11 Quark 2.35 19.5/38 00 == =1 0= 01 1= 00 10 01 0= · · 11 11 10 =0 =0 =1 10 10 11  353,25 
12 Nejmet 3.06 19.5/38 00 10 01 1= 01 =1 10 11 0= 00 00 · · =0 10 1= =0 10 11 =1 11  344,50 
13 The Baron 1.50 19.0/38 0= =0 0= =0 01 11 == =0 0= 01 00 =1 · · 11 1= 11 =0 01 =0 11  343,00 
14 Dragon 4.6 17.0/38 =1 00 00 == 00 == 0= 11 00 1= 01 01 00 · · 01 10 =1 1= 11 =0  313,75 
15 Amy 0.87 16.5/38 10 01 0= 00 =0 =0 =1 == 10 01 =1 0= 0= 10 · · 11 00 01 00 11  310,25 
16 Trace 1.33a 16.5/38 0= 00 10 0= 00 0= =1 == 01 11 =1 =1 00 01 00 · · 10 1= 10 10  302,50 
17 Post Modernist 1010a 16.0/38 00 0= 10 00 == 00 00 =0 01 1= =0 01 =1 =0 11 01 · · =1 1= 10  281,25 
18 Leila 0.53h 14.0/38 00 =0 00 == == 10 =0 10 =1 00 01 00 10 0= 10 0= =0 · · 1= 1=  250,25 
19 Der Bringer 1.9 12.5/38 00 == 00 == =0 0= 10 00 00 0= 01 =0 =1 00 11 01 0= 0= · · 01  229,50 
20 Phalanx 22 12.0/38 00 01 1= 00 00 00 =0 10 11 10 00 00 00 =1 00 01 01 0= 10 · ·  221,75 

380 games played / Tournament finished
Tournament start: 2004.12.31, 14:54:34
Latest update: 2005.01.09, 19:41:16
Site/ Country: Schweich, Germany
Level: Turnier 40/10
Hardware: 4x Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 2.80GHz mit 2.047 MB Speicher
Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)
Axon Benchmark: Axon-Benchmark-4 (00:00:38.9 sec.) [2367545 pps.] PowX= 7.376
Table created with: Arena 1.1



January 10th, 2005
CSS Online, new German CC online magazine

08, FQ

The German computer chess magazine "CSS" (Computer Schach und Spiele) will go online with a very interesting new webpage. Here can be found reviews, news about computer chess, downloads and much more. I talk by phone with chief editor "Lars Bremer" and Lars told me a little bit about the ideas CSS have. I am sure that Lars the CSS will have success with the ideas and we wish "CSS-Online" a lot of success for the future and ... for the new year 2005 ... all other readers too :-)

CSS webpage:
CSS online: (beta phase)
The popular CSS forum: (find out more)


January 10th, 2005
Swiss tournament system by Volker Annuss

07, FQ

Volker Annuss gave Arena programmer Martin Blume, one year ago, much interesting helps for the Swiss Tournament System. At the moment Arena have "only" an easy pseudo code implemented. Volker developing a new code for Arena Chess GUI and you can find the program (version 1.2 Alpha) on our webpage. It would be great if users can test the system and can send us comments with our Contact form. A description can be found in the readme by Volker.

Download the program under User Files

Furthermore, under Partner can be found now a short information to Volker's engine "Hermann".


January 10th, 2005
Eight new opening books by Denis Grafen

06, FQ

Denis Grafen created six opening books for the Gladiator-Shop engines: Ruffian, Patriot and Ktulu.
You can find for these engines an "engine" and a "strong" opening book (the opening books are in the format by the programmers of Ruffian, Patriot -*.bok- and Ktulu -*.bin-). The "engine" books have more material for experiments, the strong books included variants these group of engines likes.

Furthermore, Denis updated his Arena opening books (our opening book format -*.abk- by Martin Blume).

The downloads can be found under User Files and of course in the Gladiator-Shop

Thanks Denis!


January 06th, 2005
Computer World Championship in Chess960

05, FQ

The WNCA Word New Chess Association announces:

Chess960 Computer World Championship

As part of the Chess Classic Mainz 2005, the WNCA will hold the first official Computer World Championship in Chess960 (Fischer Random Chess).

The event will take place on August 11 and 12 in the Rheingoldhalle in Mainz, Germany.

The format of the event will be a seven round Swiss tournament. The starting positions of each round will be determined by chance and will only be announced five minutes before each round.

For all programmers entering and operating their own programs in this event, we will provide free accommodation in the Hilton Hotel in Mainz for three nights (August 10 to 13). In addition, participants will have free access to all events at the Chess Classic Mainz 2005, including the World Championship Match in Chess960 between reigning World Champion Peter Svidler and his challenger Zoltan Almasi and the title defence of Vishy Anand, seven times winner of the Chess Classic.

There will be a price fund of more than EURO 3 000 for this event, which will be distributed as follows:
1000 / 600 / 500 / 400 / 300 / 200 / 100

If you are a chess programmer and are interested in participating, please send an email to:

1. Mark Vogelgesang or
2. Eric van Reem

For additional information about the Chess Classic Mainz 2005 and the Chess960 Computer World Championship visit ChessTigers


January 06th, 2005
The nature will help us

04, FQ

Two days ago we made a pic from this wonderful sunset from the gardensite of our house
(never saw such a wonder of nature in January).

This gave us the inspiration for a new concept of Arena News-Ticker.

Perhaps the Arena users like this pic and our messages we will write in the year 2005 too.
It will bring you in the right mood.

Schweich (Germany) on January 04th, 2005, by Lisa ©


January 06th, 2005
Future of Arena webpage

03, FQ

Our team had many problems to deal with during the last few months. It all began with virus attacks, "password sharing" in our Parsimony forums, even open offers of downloads of Arena, all of which lead to our utter discontent. These things happened at the time when we were feverishly trying to get Arena ready for publication sometime towards the end of the last year.

Before we go any further, we would like now to thank first of all Michael Diosi for his enthusiastic and helpful contribution to Arena. Michael supported us from the very beginning and put in an enormous effort to help the Arena project. Christopher Conkie too had many good ideas regarding the development of the PHP site and in the question of security and just treatment of the membership. Both have left the team now ...

Together we had lots of fun developing Arena and would like to continue with the project as our vision has not been exhausted yet!

But not at any price!!

The work and administration expenses were actually carried out by the forum, and we contributed to Arena during our free time which turned out to be the main stumbling block to the further progress of the project and threatened to dismantle the whole framework. We do not intend to open a new forum in the foreseeable future although we keep thinking about that possibility and intend to keep it open. Therefore we would like to thank all our users who supported our forum. It is as if Arena became a kind of "Deep Arena" for this reason, due to extensive mutual exchange of ideas between our team and our members. Many Arena users are probably disappointed now after participating in the Parsimony forums that also offered a lot of extra features.

Nevertheless, we are hopeful and plan to release some of our pent-up energy in the new 2005.
First, though, we wish to state our ideas regarding the future of Arena:

  1. It is obviously that rumours circulate that Arena will go commercial. We vehemently reject such rumours and hope that this topic will finally close.

  2. The beta versions of Arena will be in the free download section without any passwords and security inquiries on our web pages. The forthcoming beta versions will naturally be announced in time. Martin Blume, the Arena programmer, intends to publish a new beta version in approximately 6 weeks from now and this will be the start of a new beta series until the next full release of Arena.

  3. We will develop a news-ticker that will contain important new information about Arena.

  4. There will be a review panel that will focus on Arena and Arena-related issues.

We wish all the best and much fun with Arena in the year 2005 to all its users!


January 06th, 2005:
Bulgarian menue translation

02, FQ

To write about a new translation file is a highlight for our team.
Yesterday we got the first Bulgarian translation file !!!

The situation for Frank yesterday ...

Pic 1: No news, no mails, boring day ...

Pic 2: What's up ... mail ... Lisa, a mail ... and a mail without a virus ... seems to be interesting :-)

Pic 3: What a great day, the first Bulgarian translation by Evgenii Manev in my Outlook ...
For non Bulgarian speakers ... try to use Arena with an other language :-)
I used each translation file because this is no problem for me to find the right option on the right place.
Interesting to learn more about other languages, but English I will never learn :-)

Have thanks Evgenii Manev!
The right news to the right moment!
We hope of more language menu translations in the year 2005.

The translation file can be found under "User Files".

I am sure this will be my reaction of sending me tomorrow the Japanese and Chinese - all in one - menu translation ...


January 03rd, 2005:
Arena 1.1 released

01, FQ

The release version of the FREE Arena Chess GUI in version 1.1 is available since December 17th, 2004. A lot of interesting new options Martin added in the last year. Please read the update text by programmer Martin Blume, can be found on "Download" selection. Some information more can be found under "About Arena" (at the moment only in German available).

It's time to add the FAQ now but to read a bigger FAQ is boring and of course a lot of work for a webmaster. Do you try Martins help files, included in Arena Chess GUI? To the main topics of Arena Chess GUI can be found in the near future different reviews I will write in German. The first are a review about the DGT board and the DGT clock XP. Arena supported the "new" DGT clock XP since version 1.1 with a very interesting new option (show evaluation). The DGT board have a lot of possibilities in combination with Arena Chess GUI ...

DGT projects

After the release version of Arena 1.1 we got a lot of new "User Files". Translations updates of the different available menu languages, a new book by Prof. Dr. Djordje Vidanovic and updates from the popular opening books by Harry Schnapp (Arena Main Book) and Weel Deeb. Furthermore, some other new updates can be found in our "User Files" selection.

The "Engine, Links" selection was updated yesterday / today. Arena 1.1 will show you in a table the possibilities which WinBoard engines have, like "move now", "analyse mode", "edit mode", or Nalimov tablebases support, ponder support, configured Arena books and much more. Important for this new option is the "engines.ini" file by Pedro Beltran. The including information in engines.ini Arena can be pick up with this file, of course you can pick up the information by yourself.


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