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January 30th, 2005
Poll 1 final results

30, FQ

Time of poll:
January 16th, 2005 21:00 (MEZ) - January 30th, 2005, 21:00 (MEZ)

What is your main wish for Arena webpage?
1. Activate the older Parsimony forum. I want to read and write. 95 36.8%
2. Thanks, no more wishes ... 75 29.1%
3. Interesting information on News-Ticker are enough for me. 40 15.5%
4. Activate the older Parsimony forum. I want to read only. 24 9.3%
5. Please create a new PHP based forum. 16 6.2%
6. I like to read reviews about Arena main topics. 7 2.7%
7. I will send my main wish (not in this list) with the contact form. 1 0.4%
Votes: 258  

Topic are our older fora system from Parsimony:
1. Arena Event Forum:
2. Arena Support Forum:
3. ASA (Arena Security Area):

1. 258 votes of ~ 5.390 different IP's in the latest two weeks.
    = 4,78%

2. Interesting is: How many of this ~ 5.390 persons saw this poll?
    I don't have a good statistic (the poll are a service from Parsimony)!

My opinion shortly:

Fora are "more" popular in the time 1996/7 up to ~ 2003. For many users very interesting to discuss with others about all the different topics. Today a forum isn't really an long time event (for a webpage with many visits). The most users discuss in mails and don't search the way to open systems, like fora. One of the reasons chess server have so many success. Furthermorre, you will find in the "bigger" available fora the same names or users. For our "little" team a webpage without forum is more easy to handle. We hope that our News-Ticker system and the other information we will offer for you are interesting enough.

Of course, our older Arena Support with ~ 40.000 messages are interesting. To use a forum for a developement is just a great idea. We have to say thanks to all members of our older fora which try to help us. But I it is the right way to closed our older two fora because 10-15 hours weekly for a administration is to many work. In this time we can try other thinks around Arena Chess GUI and ... our private live. Thanks for your understanding!


January 26th, 2005
ecocodes.txt in Dutch language

29, FQ

To late for the Dutch Gladiators.
An Belgium Gladiator is faster ... again Johan Havegheer !!

The ecocodes.txt is now in Dutch available!




January 26th, 2005
Dutch menu translation

28, FQ

Johan Havegheer (Belgium) sent us the Dutch menu translation of Arena 1.1. This is the first translation of Johan. In the past Mijke de Witt (The Netherlands) translated different versions of Arena.

We have 28.163 hits on our main page from The Netherlands = 4.5% and ranking 5 of 161 countrys!
The dutch translation comes from a Gladiator of Belgium !!!

So the Belgium flag in the right flag for this message!
I am sure that the first ecocode.txt will be translate from a Dutch Gladiator?

Johan have won this cup too and sent me this pic for around one year :-)

User Files, Engines

To the newest record:
Arena is available in 16 languages. Up to now the record was 15 menu translations for Arena 1.0 and Arena 1.1 release versions.

If we got the Polish and Norwegian menu translations, Arena is in 18 languages available !!!

But the Polish and Norwegian fans of Arena Chess GUI can used the older translations for Arena 1.1 too.
In this case only the latest changes are in Arena menu system in English.

Johan Havegheer is one of the first "Winboarders" and likes to test engines. He made a fantanstic work for us in the time during testing Ruffian 2.x for our first CD-Rom. The cup in Leiden 2003 (Dutch-ch) won by Johan Havegheer, Leo Dijskmann and myself with Perola Valdfridson engine Ruffian. Johan is a trusted friend, tester and team worker!

Thanks Johan ...
A big motivation for us because the menu translations are very important for us and the concept we have!


January 26th, 2005
First information about Arena 1.2

27, FQ

First: Thanks to all helping "Gladiators" for sending bug reports by mail in the lastest three weeks. It seems that our new system works fine and the older support forum isn't necessary. We can work faster without loosing much time for non Arena topics and quarrelings.

Furthermore, we got a lot of very, very interesting wishes to Arena Chess GUI.
But the wishes have nothing to do with that what you can see on the pic in this message :-)

Second: You know, Martin will work on three main points during this year:
01. ICS mode, Bugfixes.
02. New swiss system (Volker Annuss is working on it too) and perhaps other tournament systems, like "football" WM mode!
03. Database options.

In combination with point three Martin have to improved some other important positions in his GUI. A good example are the analyze features. Let us look on the graphic of the ALPHA version of Arena 1.2.

Please click on this pic and you can see more details (1280x1024, 0,39 Mb *.jpg file)!
Or click here: 1280-a12-beta1.jpg


WOW, a lot of things you never saw in Arena Chess GUI !!!
Please don't loose your compass! What is new after the release version of Arena 1.1 at December 17th, 2004?

01. Orange / green arrows (on the screen you can see orange arrows only).
Yace 0.99.87 is analysing the position. But I don't have interest in analyzing the moves with orange arrows!
I can set a green arrow too and Yace will be analyze only the moves with the green arrow.

02. Endangered / attacked fields in green, yellow and red. The black queen can take the white pawn on d4, the field d4 have the red color. The field e6 is yellow because only the pawn on f7 can cover the pawn of e6.

03. Oh what's this? A box for move comments? This must be new too ... RIGHT!
In combination with "set variants in PGN file" Arena have directly two really big new options. The symbols of comments are improved if you compare the possibilities you got with other chess GUIs.

04. Arena must have an own figurine notation for such options, if so?
Absolutely right !!!
Martin Blume created his own figurine notation font!

05. The pieces on the board must be new for Arena?
Yes, this isn't a font! Martin improved the defaults pieces which you can see after installation of Arena or under:
Menu / Options / Appearance / Pieces / default graphics
Of course, again a great improvement!

Martin is working on much more interesting things. Bigger improvements to other main feature or bug fixes and smaller changes!
I will give you one example more. You can delete games in *.pgn database (Arena's database list).

In the latest three weeks, Martin works daily in the evening on the developement of Arena Chess GUI four hours (not on weekends).
At the moment Arena includes 144.000 lines code.

To the numbers of Arena versions:
Arena 1.2 release will be available end of this year (we offer each year only one release version of Arena Chess GUI).
Arena 1.2 beta 1, beta 2, beta 3 and so on are free available on our webpages, easy concept.
We like version 1.1 because this version is stable and don't have bigger bugs.

Arena 1.2 Beta 1 will be availabe in around six weeks!
In this time we will add more information about the development of Arena.
In my bad English but I will do it :-)



January 26th, 2005
Changes in Arena Setup files

26, FQ

The only reason to make changes in Arena Setup files / *.zip file is:

We used the name FRC (Fischer Random Chess) in readme files, setup and copyright files, logos for FRC engines.
The right name for WNCA (World New Chess Association) is Chess960 and not FRC.

We take the opportunity and made other changes too:

- engines.ini version 94 by Pedro Beltran updated.
- ELOstat 1.3 for Arena by Dr. Frank Schubert updated.
- helping_persons.txt, copyright.txt, readme.txt and liesmich.txt (Readme folder) updated.
- in Chess960 setup 3 are the logos updated. Wilhelm Hudetz changed the name from FRC to Chess960.
- in Chess960 setup 3, Chispa 4.01 to 4.02 updated.
- in UCI partner setup 2 are now 15 languages of menu translations available.

Sorry, but a name is important!

No changes in Arena.exe.
At the moment Martin Blume is working on bigger improvements and the first beta will be available in around 6 weeks.



January 24th, 2005
German interview with Hans-Walter Schmitt
"Jetzt ist Heuwetter"

25, FQ

Hans-Walter Schmitt is executive chairman of ChessTigers, Mainz!

Furthermore, Hans-Walter is the protagonist of Chess960,
Executive Director of WNCA (World New Chess Association)

Interview with Hans-Walter Schmitt can be found under:
The interview with Hans-Walter is in German only available.

Interview with HWS

Hans-Walter with his wife Cornelia, Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand with Aruna.

I am sure Ar"u"na will like Ar"e"na :-)
Vishi is my favorite chess player all the time, I like it to see his effort for Chess960!

Arena Chess GUI by Martin Blume is around two years compatible to Chess960.
Six available engines have full Chess960 support!

Reason enough to give our Gladiators a little bit more information about Chess960!



January 23rd, 2005
German review by Alexander Schmidt, Arena engine tournaments

24, FQ

Alexander Schmidt (Arena Team) sent a review about "Arena Engine Tournaments".
This review is in German only available!

Arena engine tournaments
German: Die Geschichte der Engine Turniere
English: The history of engine tournaments

This is the start point for our new "Review selection".
Here you can find reviews, interviews and many other interesting information around Arena.

In the next 1-2 days can be found an Interview with Hans-Walter Schmitt (ChessTigers, organizer from the Chess960 events in Mainz, Germany and "The Catalyser" of the Chess960 idea by World Champion Robert Fischer (USA).

Visit from time to time our new review selection!


Thanks Alex



January 23rd, 2005
ecocodes.txt in Italian language

23, FQ

Again a big help for our team!

Massimo Luise (Italy) sent the ecocodes.txt in Italian language. This main work done by Christopher Conkie (Scotland) is now available in eight languages. So far Arena is in 15 languages available. Possible that we will get soon the Polish and Dutch translation.

At the moment the Arena "Gladiators" are the persons for "to walk a talk" (I believe the American like this sentence, not sure I am right).
Martin Blume is very motivated and is working with full power on his Arena Chess GUI.

Massimo and the other helpers gave us so far a lot of power.
Reason enough to add tomorrow new information about Arena 1.2 on our wepbage.

January 25th, 2005 (23:30 MEZ):
I will write the news to Arena 1.2 tomorrow, Sorry, but it's to late today!

What can I say (without to write a long story) ...

Thanks Massimo



January 23rd, 2005
ATL-1 Ratinglist

22, FQ

Very interesting is the "Arena rating list" after ATL League A round 6. Fruit 2.0 by Fabien LETOUZEY (France) on ranking 4 !!!
Gandalf 6.0 loosed more and more ELO points with more games but can hold the first position.

ATL rating list

Shredder 8.0 isn't ""so"" phenomenal if we compare the results with other ratings we can found in WWW.
I don't have a good statement for it. Perhaps Shredder is playing on Xeon Dual with ponder = on and without hyperthreading.
Hyperthreading must be off in Engine-Engine matches with ponder = on on Dual Xeon machines!

Another reason can be the great opening book by Sandro Necci (Italy). This opening book is optimized of the playing style by Shredder. The opening book by Harry Schnapp I used is optimized for all available engines. Harry tried to find out the best opening lines for most of the available engines.



January 23rd, 2005
ATL League A Round 6, final results

21, FQ

Here are the final results of ATL League A round 6 (as guest played Gandalf 6.0 and Movei 00.8.295).
The table without the results from Gandalf and Movei, the new rating list, game database can be found under:


Without Gandalf and Movei is Ruffian 2.1.0 the winner.
In League B must go: King of Kings 2.56, Ktulu 5.2 and Yace 0.99.87.

ATL League B round 6 started on January 23rd, 2005 (23:30).

Rank Engine Country Score De Ru Sh Ga Sm Ga Pr Fr Li Th SO Ar Li Go Th Kt Ya Mo Ta Ki S-B
01 DeepSjeng 1.6 25.5/38 · · =0 01 1= 11 01 =1 10 == 00 10 10 11 11 =1 11 1= =1 1= 11  455,50 
02 Ruffian 2.1.0 24.5/38 =1 · · 01 00 == 1= =0 0= 01 1= 11 11 1= == 11 11 11 0= 01 11  443,00 
03 Shredder 8.0 24.0/38 10 10 · · == == 0= =0 =1 =1 == == 0= 01 1= 11 11 =1 11 11 =1  425,75 
04 Gandalf 6.0 23.0/38 0= 11 == · · 01 01 0= 11 1= 01 00 11 =1 11 =1 00 01 == 11 =1  426,75 
05 SmarThink 1.0 r261 21.5/38 00 == == 10 · · =1 10 =1 =0 11 =0 1= 1= 10 =1 11 01 =1 0= 01  395,25 
06 Gandalf 4.32h 21.5/38 10 0= 1= 10 =0 · · 11 01 10 0= 10 =0 10 0= 11 0= 11 11 == 11  391,00 
07 ProDeo 1.0 21.5/38 =0 =1 =1 1= 01 00 · · 1= 00 1= 00 =0 1= =1 01 1= 11 =0 11 11  389,25 
08 Fruit 2.0 21.5/38 01 1= =0 00 =0 10 0= · · 0= 11 11 00 =1 00 01 11 11 11 11 =1  379,50 
09 List 5.13 Beta 20.5/38 == 10 =0 0= =1 01 11 1= · · =1 =0 == 0= 1= =1 0= == == 1= ==  386,25 
10 TheKing 3.23 Pillen 20.0/38 11 0= == 10 00 1= 0= 00 =0 · · 0= 11 11 11 1= 01 11 =1 00 =0  370,25 
11 SOS-4 for Arena 19.5/38 01 00 == 11 =1 01 11 00 =1 1= · · 01 00 00 0= 10 =1 0= 11 1=  370,00 
12 Aristarch 4.50 19.0/38 01 00 1= 00 0= =1 =1 11 == 00 10 · · 00 =1 =1 =0 == 10 1= 11  350,00 
13 Little Goliath Revival 16.5/38 00 0= 10 =0 0= 01 0= =0 1= 00 11 11 · · =1 =0 00 1= 1= == 0=  302,75 
14 Gothmog 1.0 16.0/38 00 == 0= 00 01 1= =0 11 0= 00 11 =0 =0 · · 0= 1= 0= 1= 1= 0=  295,75 
15 Thinker 4.7a 16.0/38 =0 00 00 =0 =0 00 10 10 =0 0= 1= =0 =1 1= · · 11 =0 10 11 ==  276,75 
16 Ktulu 5.2 15.0/38 00 00 00 11 00 1= 0= 00 1= 10 01 =1 11 0= 00 · · 10 1= 0= =0  276,50 
17 Yace 0.99.87 14.0/38 0= 00 =0 10 10 00 00 00 == 00 =0 == 0= 1= =1 01 · · 01 11 ==  243,75 
18 Movei 00.8.295 13.5/38 =0 1= 00 == =0 00 =1 00 == =0 1= 01 0= 0= 01 0= 10 · · =0 0=  261,50 
19 Tao 5.7 Beta 7 13.5/38 0= 10 00 00 1= == 00 00 0= 11 00 0= == 0= 00 1= 00 =1 · · 11  245,00 
20 King of Kings 2.56 13.5/38 00 00 =0 =0 10 00 00 =0 == =1 0= 00 1= 1= == =1 == 1= 00 · ·  237,50 

380 games played / Tournament finished
Tournament start: 2005.01.12, 20:43:27
Latest update: 2005.01.22, 20:59:42
Site/ Country: Schweich, Germany
Level: Turnier 40/10
Hardware: 4x Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 2.80GHz mit 2.047 MB Speicher
Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)
Axon Benchmark: Axon-Benchmark-4 (00:00:38.9 sec.) [2367545 pps.] PowX= 7.376
Table created with: Arena 1.1



January 20th, 2005
ecocodes.txt in Swedish / Portuguese languages

20, FQ

The ecocodes.txt is now in seven languages available.

1. Catalan, version 1.15
2. English, version 1.16
3. French, version 1.16
4. German, version 1.15
5. Portuguese, version 1.16
6. Spanish, version 1.16
7. Swedish, version 1.16

New are the translation in Portuguese by Dilso A. Borges (Brazil) and Swedish by one of our Arena main testers Hans Ericson (Sweden). Very helpful is the Excel table by Agustín Gomila (Argentina), see News-Ticker message 19!

Each day we have really a news we can public and for the future we have a lot of nice ideas for our "new" News-Ticker information system.

About the poll we are a little bit disappointed but the results are clear for us. Since the poll is running we have 4.134 different IPs / visitors on our webpage. Only 122 gave a vote to poll 1/2005 = 2,95% of visitors. 1,5% of Arena webpage visitors only have interest on a forum. Same in the time our older Parsimony forum is still running. We had around 730 members, active members around 50-75. This are 1% of different visitors in the year 2004. We need around 10-15 hours weekly to managed a forum with mails, answers of support questions and so on. For a little team (we all have a job) to many work. But let us wait of the final result of poll 1/2005.

One information more: Arena webpage have at the moment 253 Mb webspace in used.
Here are the hitparade (time January 01st.- 20th, 2005) of our most interesting htm files (provider statistic, different users only).

1. 3048 download selection /directory/download.htm
2. 2989 user files, engines selection /directory/user.htm
3. 1862 news-ticker /directory/news.htm and /directory/news-01.htm
4. 1392 engines, links selection /directory/engines.htm
5. 858 atl tournament /directory/tourneys.htm
6. 736 german information to arena /directory/about-ger.htm
7. 658 mainbook information /directory/mainbook/book-eng.htm
8. 423 partner selection /directory/partner.htm
9. 302 our copyrights /directory/copyright.htm
10. 288 official tournaments, calendar /directory/calendar.htm
11. 248 atl elo ratinglist /directory/atl/atl-elo.htm
12. 176 list of helping persons /directory/help.htm
13. 140 online update information /updates/new.htm
14. 134 contact form /directory/contact.htm

Have fun with Arena and Arena webpage!

An user asked me for provider information after my message:
Hostix (the service is fantastic, I used hostix since three years).



January 18th, 2005
ECO Excel table by Agustín Gomila

19, FQ

Under User Files, Engines can be found an Excel table with all ECO-Code lines in France, Spanish and English by Agustín Gomila (Argentina). This table is a great help and normally information for all interesting "Gladiators". A great help because it's easy to translate the ecocode.txt file by Christopher Conkie (Scotland) in other languages.

Later in the evening Agustin sent me a new version (v.03). This version have again very big improvements!

Written by Agustín Gomila (Argentina):
January 18th, 2005

This Excel file can help the translators to make the translation of the ecocodes file. The file has the ECO codes (version 1.16) in English, Spanish and French as example.

The first 3 columns should not be modified.
The first column contains a special character "{" (necessary, don't change).
The second column contains the ECO code (necessary, don't change).
The third column contains 3 blank spaces (necessary, don't change).

Then, the following 3 columns have the names of the openings in English, Spanish and French, these columns can be modified.
Christopher Conkie original credits should be conserved (the first and second line), the third line for the translator's data.

*Version=1.16 (Spanish)
*Author= Christopher Conkie, E-mail:  ... (can be see in the *.txt file).
*Traducción al Español: Agustín Gomila (Argentina), E-mail: ... (can be see in the *.txt file).

You can replace anyone of the three columns with the new translated openings, the translator can choose which of the languages it will use as source.

It is very easy in Excel search and replace some words like "Variation", "Opening", "Attack", etc. to the new language
(in Spanish, for example: "Variante", "Apertura", "Ataque").

The following column (seventh column) has another special character "}"
(necessary, don't change).

The eighth column has the movements (in English) (necessary, don't change and don't translate)

It is very easy also to replace texts like Nf6 (in Spanish, Cf6), but to be careful to modify the eighth column, for this reason the Excel file has a backup copy of the columns that you should not be modified. I recommend that once finished the translation, the backup copy is used to restore this columns.

Finally when the translation is concluded, simply hide the unnecessary columns (in other languages), select all the cells and copy to a text editor like Notepad. Then, eliminate the "Tab" characters of the text file created.

The text file should be saved with the following name: "ecocodesXX.txt". Where XX is the number of the language. Example, English=9, Spanish=10, French=12, German=7, Catalan=3."


January 17th, 2005
Arena Mainbook by Harry Schnapp

18, FQ

Harry Schnapp wrote us an interesting text for our News-Ticker in German and English!
The Arena Mainbook have more and more fans. Harry made a really good work and the books by Harry have so far more as 600 downloads in a short time.

Hallo Schachfreunde,
Für alle die mein Buch verwenden und mögen habe ich eine Empfehlung: Das Mainbook 4.5 als Update der Versionen Mainbook 3.0 und 4.0 ergänzt durch zahlreiche schöne Varianten aber auch einige wichtige Korrekturen, besonders Kürzungen zu langer Zugfolgen die zu schwierigen Stellungen führten. Als zweite Version steht jetzt das Mainbook "Gigant" zur Verfügung für Exzentriker mit DSL Anschluss und ausreichender freier Speicherkapazität. Der Umfang beträgt 82,2 Mb (6,1 Mb *.rar) mit 232.482 Varianten und 2.843.020 Züge. Ob ein so großes Buch unbedingt  notwendig ist, das ist schwer zu beurteilen.

Es ist auf der Basis des Mainbook 4.0 mit gleichen Konfigurationen aufgebaut aber um ca. 80% erweitert mit Partien aus zwei riesigen PGN Dateien. Trotz seiner Größe behält das Buch die Proportion zwischen kurze, mittlere und lange Varianten. Es wird oft mit Recht gesagt: Masse bedeutet nicht unbedingt Steigerung der Klasse (Qualität!). Nur der Verbraucher kann beurteilen, ob er überhaupt ein überdimensionales Buch benötigt! Auf jeden Fall bedanke ich mich bei meinem älteren Sohn, der unter meiner Aufsicht die Schwerstarbeit geleistet hat und bei den zwei alten Schachfreunde und Partner die mir diese PGN Dateien zur Verfügung gestellt haben!


Hello my chess friends,
for all of you, who like my book and are using it, I have some recommendations: The Mainbook 4.5 is an update to Mainbook 3.0 and 4.0 completed with nice variations, but also with significant amendments. Especially shortening of too long openings, which are leading to difficult positions.

A second version, the Mainbook "Giant" is now at the disposal of singulars who have DSL for rapid download, and enough available memory. Capacity: 82,2 Mb (6,1 Mb *.rar) with 232.489 variations and 2.843.020 moves. Hard to decide precisely if such a big book is necessary. It is constructed on the basis of Mainbook 4.0 with the same configuration, but extended with games from two big PGN files. Despite its big volume, the book preserves proportion between short, medium and long variations. With good reason, one says that quantity does not necessarily lead to better quality. Only the user has to decide, if he needs such a big book. Anyway, thanks to my older son who, following my indications, performed the hardest work, and also my  heart-felt thanks to the two chess friends and old partners, who put at my disposal the PGN files.


January 16th, 2005
The strongest engines for Arena

, FQ

Back to Message 31

Arena Chess GUI is compatible to UCI 1, 2, WinBoard 1, 2 protocol. The most visitors have interest to find out the strongest available engine for Arena Chess GUI.

The number one in the World is in my opinion (since around 1 1/2 years) Shredder 7.04 / 8.0. The engine by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen can be order from ChessBase webpage or our favorite chess dealer Schach Niggemann in Germany. Shredder have a very good opening book by Sandro Necchi a solid playing style and is very strong in the most of the endgames types. Only in tactical middelgame positions Shredder isn't on the first position. The opening book by Sandro isn't compatible to Arena Chess GUI.

It seems that Shredder 9.0 will be available soon!

01. Shredder webpage
02. ChessBase webpage
03. Schach Niggemann

The next and perhaps most interesting chess program in middlegame in this times is Gandalf 6.0 by Steen Suurballe (Denmark). Steen's program is very strongth for long time analyses, middlegame / strategic positions and have a very good opening book. Book author Dan Wulff develops the book for Gandalf since more as 10 years. I believe Shredder 7.04 / 8.0 is maybe 30 ELO stronger as Gandalf 6.0 but Gandalf have the more spektakular playing style in middlegame. In combination with Shredder / Gandalf you have the optimal analyze tool. The opening book by Dan is compatible to Arena Chess GUI.

Gandalf 6.0 is a short time available.
The customers can find the first update for Gandalf 6.0 on the Lokasoft webpage (great service).

01. Lokasoft
02. Schach Niggemann

Free available:
More as 250 engines are free available. A list of the links to the programmers can be found under
Links, Engines. The strongest free available engines are Ruffian 1.05, Aristarch 4.50, List 5.12, ProDeo 1.0, SOS.4 for Arena and Fruit 2.0. Fruit 2.0 is a short time available and the most of the Gladiators are test this engine at the moment. Ruffian 1.01 / 1.05 and SOS.4 for Arena can be found on our webpage!

But the most fun I have at the moment with Movei by Uri Blass (Israel). Movei is a good example for step by step developing. Each version is stronger and Uri do really a good job.

Movei is playing as ATL League B engine as guest in ATL League A and it seems that all the "cracks" have problems with Movei. Not easy to make a full point vs. Movei.

Replay-Zone (still running ATL League A, round 6 with Movei).

7x Remis, 7x loosed and 2x won!
I believe Uri will this year go in League A and Movei is this year one of the TOP 20 available UCI / WB engines!
Remis vs. TheKing, ProDeo, Gandalf 6.0, DeepSjeng, List for some examples!

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