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February 12th, 2005
ATL-2 started, Pharaon & Delfi setups!

42, FQ

1. ATL-2 started
Yesterday I started ATL-2. A complete new organisation of ATL which is so far not clear in detail :-)
I will play on three of my six machines with the same matches with the time control 40 moves in 20 minutes (regards to Steen Suurballe, Steen like this time control) and with 4-pieces Nalimov tablebases.

In the first match on ATL-System 1 Deep Shredder 9.0 vs. Gandalf 6.01 played 10:10!


Engine Country Score De Ga
Deep Shredder 9.0 10.0/20 · ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· 0111110=00010===0==1
Gandalf 6.01 10.0/20 1000001=11101===1==0 · ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ·· ··

20 games played / Tournament finished
Tournament start: 2005.02.11, 22:11:38
Latest update: 2005.02.12, 22:34:28
Site/ Country: Schweich, Germany
Level: Turnier 40/20
Hardware: Dual Mobile Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.66GHz mit 503 MB Speicher
Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)
Axon Benchmark: Axon-Benchmark-4 (00:00:38.9 sec.) [2367545 pps.] PowX= 7.376
PGN File:!
Table created with: Arena 1.1

In the next days I will activate ATL-System 2 and ATL-System 3. At the moment on ATL-System 3 the latest ATL-1 tourney (ATL League C, round 6) is still running. In the next days I will make the new ATL-2 detail pages better.



2. With permission of Franck ZIBI (Pharaon) and Dr. Fabio Cavicchio (Delfi) I created two new setup files for webpage by Christopher Conkie and Michael Diosi. More information about it can be found in our "copyright", "helping persons" and "download selection".


Arena Setup 5 and 6 are very interesting for beginners.
Pharaon and Delfi are one of the best free available chess programs today!

Arena 1.1 Setup 5 (with UCI / WB Pharaon 3.2, 2.62) can be found on EXACTACHESS by Christopher Conkie and Michael Diosi.
of course with French ecocodes.txt and French Arena menu translation!

Arena 1.1 Setup 6 (with WB Delfi 4.5) can be found on EXACTACHESS by Christopher Conkie and Michael Diosi.
of course with Italian ecocodes.txt and Italian Arena menu translation!

Note to Arena Setup 5  - with Pharaon -
Pharaon offer an Chess Tutorial Tool as UCI option in version 2.62.
In newer versions (3.0, 3.1 and 3.2) this tool isn't available but programmer Franck ZIBI will add the tool again.
The tutorial tool is copyrighted by Huges MAGNIER and Franck ZIBI
More can be read on the webpage by Pharaon programmer Franck ZIBI

Note to Arena Setup 6 - with Delfi -
A stronger version of Delfi, Delfi Trainer, can be order on the webpage by programmer Dr. Fabio Cavicchio.
Delfi offer an option to reduce the ELO strenght in configuration file (Delfi.ini).
More can be read on the webpage by Delfi programmer Dr. Fabio Cavicchio



February 10th, 2005

ProDeo 1.1 strong performance

41, FQ

For view days ago the "old" fox and computer chess warhorse" Ed Schröder (The Netherland) released a new version of ProDeo. ProDeo 1.0 is the successor of Rebel 12.001. After version 1.0 which is around 30 ELO stronger as the latest Rebel 12.001 is now ProDeo 1.1 available.

ProDeo 1.1 (read more) by Ed Schröder released!


Under Arena Chess GUI it's very easy to used ProDeo as WB engine (Note: ProDeo isn't a UCI engines, different users asked me).

Arena Chess GUI, menu: Engines / Manage ... / Details / New / Select type of engine to "WinBoard" and so on ...
Don't forget to set under "Command line options" the parameter for ProDeo!

I used on my Dual Xeon 2.8 GHz system: w8 rebel.eng
w8 = hashtable size ~ 256 Mb (see the readme of ProDeo)
rebel.eng =  personality of ProDeo, some other personalities can be used.

After my first impressions is the new version of ProDeo again 20-30 ELO stronger and have the same performace as TheKing 3.23/3.33 by Johan de Koning. After my opinion is ProDeo now the best free available engine we can found in WWW, a little bit stronger as Aristarch 4.50, List 5.12, Ruffian 1.05, SOS.4 for Arena, Fruit 2.0. In my private Athlon 3.8 64Bit ratinglist I have the following results (40 moves in 8 minutes, ponder = off, Windows XP Home SP2):

01. Shredder 8.0          2.721 ELO after 144 games
02. Gandalf 6.0           2.692 ELO after 144 games
03. Ruffian 2.1.0         2.669 ELO after 144 games
04. ProDeo 1.1            2.661 ELO after  72 games
05. TheKing 3.33          2.655 ELO after 144 games
06. Smarthink 1.0 Beta    2.654 ELO after 144 games
06. List 5.13             2.638 ELO after 144 games
07. Ruffian 1.0.5         2.636 ELO after 144 games
08. ProDeo 1.0            2.634 ELO after 144 games
09. Fruit 2.0             2.627 ELO after 144 games
10. Aristarch 4.50        2.614 ELO after 144 games
11. others ...

My congratulation to Ed!
I have here much fun with ProDeo. The playing style is very strategic and much moves can be from a grandmaster. The endgame is good, the positional style is very strong and in open positions with paws in middlegames ProDeo seems to have the big advantage vs. the other opponents.



February 10th, 2005

Little changes on Arena webpage

40, FQ

  1. I used from now on a new version of Inno Setup for Arena setup files!
    Inno Setup 5.07 (all Arena 1.1 setup files are compiled with Inno Setup 3.07).
    The tool is fantastic and perhaps a very good tip for the WinBoard / UCI programmers.
    The Arena setups are now much smaller.
    Example: Setup 2 with Inno Setup 3.07 = 15.2 Mb and with Inno Setup 5.07 = 11.4 Mb.
    All Arena setups are new compiled, no changes in main files!

  2. Yesterday I checked the engine link selection.
    From three engine programmers I found a new URL.

    No longer available free engines:
    Akiba, Dimitri WBE, Duke, ECE, KKFChess, LadyGambit, LordKing, Monik, MrChess, NoonianChess, Ozwald, Pentagon, Raffaela, Skaki, SnailChess, StAndersen, Tornado
    No longer available commercial engines:
    Capture R1, (WinBoard Edition I / II)
    Bionic (not Bionic Impact), Capachess, Deep<9>, KasparovX, LaPetite / LaGrande / Voyager, Rashess, Replicant, Siboney, Squash, Tuxedo, Wincraft

    Perhaps a Gladiator have information about the "No longer available free engines".
    Possible that the engines are on an other URL available and I don't have the information.


  3. I added the new ATL League C, round 6 results.
    This is the latest public ATL tourney, for more information please have a look under News-Ticker message 34
    Favorits are in my opinion: Jonny 2.75 and ETChess 07.12.04

  4. A new version of TaskInfo is available!
    TaskInfo is a great tool for checking engine-engine matches (running processes).
    More information can be found under TaskInfo



February 08th, 2005

Interview with Steen Suurballe in Ger. / Eng. available
in English and German language available!
Titel, GER:
Der mit dem W"u"lf tanzt
Title, ENG:
Dance with Wulfes

39, FQ

The interview with Steen Suurballe (programmer of the fantastic attacker Gandalf) is now available. On the end of the interview you can find some comments from Dan Wulff (opening book author and team member of the Gandalf team). Gandalf by Steen Suurballe is perhaps the most powerfull today available chess program. The users like the attacking style of Gandalf and the new Gandalf 6.0 is around 100 ELO stronger as the preview versions 4.32f-h and 5.x. Reason enough that we must have more information about Gandalf in our brains. Gandalf is available from Lokasoft by Lex Loep (The Netherlands).

Steen Suurballe, here Steen are looking in an engine-engine match
under WinBoard by Tim Mann.

Lokasoft - Home of ChessPartner, (details to Gandalf 6.0) (order information)


Vorgeschichte / Previous history:

German: Eins der stärksten und beliebtesten Schachprogramme ist Mittelspielstratege und Endspielkünstler Gandalf von Steen Suurballe (Dänemark). Das Programm von Steen wurde in den letzten Jahren nicht nur unterschätzt, sondern es mangelte auch an entsprechender sachkundiger Presseinformationen. Nach einer Entwicklungszeit von zwei Jahren wurde es zunächst ruhig um Gandalf und eine Legende schien sich zunächst in den Hirnen der sehnsüchtigen wartenden Fans zu bilden. Zum Jahreswechsel meldete sich Dänemark samt Steen zurück und atemberaubende Ergebnisse schockierte die gesamte Konkurrenz. Gandalf ist wieder da ...

English, translation by Prof. Dr. Djordje Vidanovic:
One of the strongest and most popular chess programs is the middle game strategist and the end-game wizard, Gandalf, by Steen Suurballe (Denmark). The program by Steen was apparently underestimated in the recent years, partly because it lacked adequate professional press coverage. After a two-year development period a sort of a legend formed in the minds of its long-awaiting fans. Around the beginning of this new year some breath-taking results shocked the entire competition including even its author, Steen Suurballe. We now present Gandalf ...


Der mit dem W"u"lf tanzt
Dance with W"u"lfes

01. Frank Quisinsky:

German: Auf das Interview mit Dir freue ich mich ganz besonders! Aufgrund unserer damaligen Gandalf 4.32f-h CD, welche von Gambit-Soft vertrieben wurde, und der ganzen diesbezüglichen Kontakte mit Dir bin ich selbst zu einem großen Gandalf Fan geworden.  Ich weiß gar nicht wo ich mit meinen Fragen beginnen soll! Gandalf 3.0 (DOS) ist vielleicht ein guter Startpunkt für unser Interview. Gandalf 3.0 erreichte schon vor Jahren eine sehr hohe Spielstärke und konnte sich mit den seinerzeit besten verfügbaren Schachprogrammen messen. Lediglich im Endspiel hat Gandalf seine Schwächen zum Teil sehr deutlich offenbart. Heute zählt Gandalf 6.0 zu den zähesten „Endspielkünstlern“. Hast Du Bücher über Endspiele gelesen? Du hast sicherlich einen persönlichen Berater, der Dir Material und Ideen zu Verbesserungen des Endspiels von Gandalf gegeben hat? Die Implementierung von Endspielwissen stellte bestimmt den Löwenanteil Deiner Arbeit der letzten Jahre, oder?


English, translation by Prof. Dr. Djordje Vidanovic:
I've been looking forward to interviewing you!  I became a big Gandalf fan during the publication of the Gambit-Soft edition of Gandalf 4.32f-h and the contacts I had with you at the time. I am not sure now where to begin with my questions…  Anyway, let's start with Gandalf 3.0 (DOS) as it seems to be a good starting point for our interview.  Already years ago Gandalf 3.0 achieved a high playing strength and could hold its own against the best chess programs at that time. It was mainly the endgame that revealed Gandalf's weaknesses. Today Gandalf 6.0 ranks among the few real "endgame artists". Did you read books pertaining to endgames? You surely have a personal advisor, who offers you ideas and advice on how to improve Gandalf's endgame? Did the implementation of the endgame knowledge constitute the bulk of your work in the past years, or was it something else?



Steen Suurballe:

The Major thing that happened between 5.1 and 6.0 is that I met Christian Kongsted, a danish journalist and very strong chess player (2506 Correspondance player). He asked me 2 read at least 2 chess books. Secrects of modern chess strategy + Fundamental Chess Endings. So the answer is yes, I have gained alot of new chessknowledge from Kongsted + books. But gandalf has not only just improved in the endgame. i believe all parts of the game has improved (positional, tactics and endgame).


German, translation by Lisa Thul:

Das Treffen mit Christian Kongsted, dänischer Journalist und sehr starker Schachspieler (2506 Fernschach ELO) war das Wichtigste was zwischen den Versionen 5.1 und 6.0 passierte. Er sagte mir, dass ich lediglich nur zwei Schachbücher lesen solle. 'Secrets of modern chess strategy' und 'Fundamental chess Endings'. Also meine Antwort ist: Ja. Ich erwarb einiges an neuem Schachwissen von Christian Kongsted und diesen Büchern. Aber Gandalf ist nicht nur im Endspiel verbessert worden. Ich glaube, dass alle Spielbereiche verbessert wurden (Position, Taktik und Endspiel).

Read more under:
Interview with Steen Suurballe



February 08th, 2005

SOS.5 for Arena / Smarthink 1.0
Tutorial tool in UCI Pharaon 2.62

38, FQ

Some engine news for you:

01. UCI SOS.5 for Arena by Rudolf Huber (Germany)
I believe I made the news to SOS.5 for Arena to fast available. Lars Bremer (CSS) have written about the new version after the information I gave to Lars. Fact is, that Rudolf Huber is still working on his new version of SOS.5 for Arena. The version is ready before the IPCCC 2005 in Paderborn will be start, 14th IPCCC 2005. SOS.5 for Arena is available during the IPCCC 2005 on Arena.

On of the TOP 10 available UCI / WB engines ... SOS!
The World is waiting of this strong engine and ... "our" main engine!

02. UCI / WB SmarThink 1.0 by Sergei Markoff (Russia) is still in developement. The version seems to be 20-30 ELO stronger as the test version SmarThink 0.18 which is around 30-40 ELO stronger as the latest free available version of SmarThink 0.17. Sergei will go commercial and added UCI mode in his Smarthink. It seems that us await a fully outtested engine from Sergei. I wait so far of new information from the SmarThink team.

On of the TOP 10 available UCI / WB engines ... SmarThink!
The full power of Russian chess programming will be available soon?

03. UCI / WB Pharaon 2.62 / 3.2 by Franck ZIBI:
In UCI Pharaon 2.62 can be found the work by Huges MAGNIER (France)!?
We speaking from a chess tutorial tool as UCI option!

On of the TOP 20 available UCI / WB engines ... Pharaon!
*** this positional engine is much stronger with longer time controls ***

This school project by Huges is very popular in the past and a lot of persons used UCI Pharaon for learning better chess in combination with other great options the GUI programmers gave us. Pharaon programmer Franck ZIBI have rewritten different parts in Pharaon and the tutorial tool is in newer version of Pharaon not available (3.0, 3.1, 3.2). Arena 1.1 in combination with UCI Pharaon 3.2 can be found as setup file on the new webpage by Christopher Conkie (Scotland) and Michael Diosi (Germany), The webmaster of EXACTACHESS have spoken with Franck ZIBI and Franck will work on it to make the tutorial tool again available as UCI option for UCI Pharaon. This is really a good news for the user community ... THANKS



February 08th, 2005

Interview with Stefan Meyer-Kahlen in Eng. available

37, AS, FQ

Alex Schmidt (UCI engines) translated the interview with the sympathic German top programmer Stefan Meyer-Kahlen in English language. A great work for the computer chess community !!

The translation can be found on the webpage by Alex! (click here on News-Ticker)

Thanks Alex!

In additional to the interview with Stefan!
We have a lot of fun to make this interview with him and we wish Stefan a lot of succcess with the own marketing !!

and for us it's a obligation to report about it!

Logo by Wilhelm Hudetz
Download the new logo (100 x 50, 130 x 70, *.jpg + *.bmp, 44.846 bytes)

Since yesterday, February 07th, 2005
Shredder 9 UCI, Deep Shredder 9.0 and Shredder Classic 1.2 are available!

More information can be found under: (Englisch) (German)



February 08th, 2005

Website: Computer Chess News

36, SM, FQ

Seems that is a good time to create new webpages. Steve Maughan created a new site about computer chess news!
Steve wrote me:

Computer Chess News


Hi Frank,

I've launched a new website - Computer Chess News.

You can access it at:

It will be updated regularly with news about commercial, dedicated and PDA chess programs, as well as the highlights from amateur computer chess. I've already included a link to Arena. One cool feature of Computer Chess News is that it has RSS and Atom news feeds. This exciting technology allows you to quickly and easily stay up to date with the latest news from numerous news sources.

If you haven't played with RSS feed you may like to download
FeedDemon or FireFox
which are both excellent RSS tools.

All the best, Steve Maughan



February 07th, 2005


35, MD + CC, FQ

An interesting news by our older admins Christopher Conkie (Scotland) and Michael Diosi (Germany).

Exactachess Website Opens For Business
We would like to announce the opening of our new site.

  • The site is devoted to computer chess.

  • We have fora that we hope you will all visit.

  • Membership of our fora is by invitation only.

  • We are not accepting new members at the moment.

  • Existing members will be informed before we open at 9pm today.

  • There are also downloads available.

Michael Diosi and Christopher Conkie, the link can be found in the frame above!

We wish our older administrators Michael Diosi and Christopher Conkie ...
GOOD LUCK with the new webpage around computer chess and we are sure the others will like the NEW site!



February 05th, 2005

Latest ATL-1 News, ATL-1 Ratinglist, Interview with Steen

34, FQ

My ATL started (ATL League A Round 1) at: February 06th, 2004 ... 22:11:15
After all I think one year ATL is enough. The latest tournament will be start today (ATL League C, Round 6).
After this tourney ATL produced 7.572 games / 40 moves in 10 minutes on Dual Xeon 2.8 GHz.

I will be make a tournament break and will thinking about a new organisation with perhaps not to many engines and longer time controls. For visiting games, 40 moves in 10 minutes is clearly to fast for me and I believe a better time control is 40 moves in 20 minutes. Regards to Steen Suurballe, Steen have the same opinion about time controls. In the interview I will public Monday or Tuesday next week you can read more from Steen :-)

The latest ATL-News:

  1. In Replay-Zone can be found the fatest ATL games (1:0, 0:1 up to 29 moves). Very interesting to look in this games. In these database are 94 games, a lot with bigger blunders.
    Note: Gothmog won the most games under 30 moves !!

    ATL Replay-Zone

  2. Today in the evening I added the new ATL rating list. Nice to see that for engines made bigger jumpings with more as 100 ELO. The reason that you can find from this engines two entrys in the rating list (normally for each programmer one ranking). Gandalf 4.32h to Gandalf 6.0 = 107 ELO, Fruit 1.0-1.5 to 2.0 = 147 ELO, SlowChess 2.93 to SlowChess Blitz 0.1- 0.4 = 117 ELO and Spike 0.6 - 0.8 to Spike 0.9 X2 Beta = 102 ELO.

    ATL rating list

  3. I replayed the WB AnMon 5.51 games with UCI AnMon 5.50. Both AnMon versions are playing with my own opening book. See News-Ticker message 32. UCI AnMon 5.50 made 1.5 points more. The games can be found below the table in the detail page to League B. UCI AnMon 5.50 made ranking 08 of 18!

I will inform you about the new system I have in my brain.
Thanks for visiting ATL and to the programmers for different beta versions I got.


Again to the interview with Steen Suurballe (programmer of Gandalf, Denmark).
In the time Gandalf 4.32f-h is released the German press gave very bad comments to the fantastic engine by Steen. Since this time I don't read chess magazines. I will give you a short summary from the interview with 23 questions.

03. Frank Quisinsky:

German: Gandalf 3.0 und leider auch unser Projekt Gandalf 4.32x konnten sich nie so richtig auf dem Markt durchsetzen. Es gab jeweils zu viele bekanntere Konkurrenzprodukte und auch die Ergebnisse der SSDF spiegelten oftmals nicht die wahre Spielstärke von Gandalf wieder. Gandalf benötigte von je her mehr Zeit um wirklich auf Touren zu kommen, mochte den eingesetzten K6 der SSDF als Pentium optimiertes Programm nicht. Leider erkannten das viel zu wenige Personen und Dein Programm wurde von bekannten Schachredakteuren in der Presse förmlich zerrissen. Konntest Du mit diesem Umstand gut umgehen?



Steen Suurballe:

I had no problem with the press. The most important thing is that as many people as possble like gandalf.


German, translation by Lisa Thul:

Ich hatte keine Probleme mit der Presse. Das Wichtigste ist, dass so viele Anwender wie möglich Gandalf mögen.



09. Frank Quisinsky:

German: Steen, mit diesen Äußerungen kommst Du mir nicht davon :-)

Verrate uns ein wenig mehr. Es kann doch nur die Suche in Kombination mit speziellen Schachwissen sein, oder? Vielleicht eine doppelte Suchfunktion die sich gegenseitig überprüft?  So eine Art Elf (gut) und Sauron (böse). Ich kann mir nicht helfen, vermute aber, dass Gandalf bei jeder Zugberechnung die Trilogie von Tolkien reproduziert und ein blitzsauberer Ring als Ergebnis herauskommt.



Steen Suurballe:

Again, both evaluation and the search is rewritten :-)


German, translation by Lisa Thul:

Noch einmal: Beide Bewertungsfunktionen und die Suche sind neu geschrieben worden. :-)


More can be read Monday or Tuesday!



February 03rd, 2005

Interview with Stefan Meyer-Kahlen in German available!

33, FQ

One of the great moments for "our" computer chess area is a new available version of Shredder. The very sympathic and popular German programmer Stefan Meyer-Kahlen hold the first position in the most of engine rating lists we can find in WWW. The new versions of Shredder (Shredder 9.0, Deep Shredder 9.0 with Shredder 9 UCI GUI) is available at February 07th, 2005. Reason enough to try to find out more information.

German text:
Stefan Meyer-Kahlen, immer freundlich und auskunftswillig, auch wenn Ihm mal ein Titelgewinn durchgeht
(hier bei der
12. Computerschachweltmeisterschaft 2004 in Ramat-Gan, Israel).
Ungeschlagen beendet Stefan's Programm "Shredder" das Turnier mit einem 2. Platz!

Alexander Schmidt (UCI engines) and myself made an interview with Stefan.
This interview is in German only available!

Achilles, oder einfach nur Shredder

Einer der größten Kinohits im Jahre 2004 war Troja, in der Hauptrolle Brad Pitt als Krieger „Achilles“.
Achilles und Shredder haben einige Gemeinsamkeiten!?

Auszug aus dem Film Troja:

Nach einer Kampfszene (Kapitel 3, zwei Kriegspartien mit tausenden von Kriegern stehen sich gegenüber, die besten Kämpfer der beiden Parteien tragen das Gefecht aus). Achilles besiegt die furcht erregende Kampfmaschine der verfeindeten Seite.


Der Dialog nach dieser Szene:

Achilles steht nach dieser atemberaubenden Kampfszene vor tausenden Kriegern der besiegten Streitmacht und spricht …


Achilles: „Ist das wirklich alles“

Achilles: „Ist das wirklich alles“ etwas lauter!

der Heerführer greift ins Geschehen ein

Heerführer: „Wer bist Du Soldat“

Achilles: „Achilles, Sohn des Peleus“

Heerführer: „Ich werde mir diesen Namen merken“


01. Frank Quisinsky:

Im Grunde können „Wir“ Computerschachfreunde diese Szene auf Deine Leistung bzw. Dein Schachprogramm Shredder projizieren. Wir haben uns den Namen Shredder gemerkt und seit Shredder 7.04 ist auch der Spruch von Achilles „Ist das wirklich alles“ hinsichtlich Deiner Gegnerschaft anwendbar. Denkst Du derzeit darüber nach, Deiner Zertrümmerungsmachine „Shredder“ nicht einen noch aussagekräftigeren Namen wie z. B. „Achilles“ zu geben?



Read more under Interview with Stefan Meyer-Kahlen


TOP TIP: The interview is available here:
Interview with Stefan Meyer-Kahlen


Thanks Stefan and Alex!



February 03rd, 2005
ATL League B Round 6, final results

32, FQ

I am very disappointed about the WB AnMon 5.51 results. AnMon is playing with my first try to create an opening book :-(
Perhaps I understand nothing from computer chess, I don't know. But I believe the reason can be that AnMon is playing the first ATL tourney in WB mode or the results are pur random. AnMon is after more as 200 games the number 17 in ATL rating list !!

The programmer Christian BARRETEAU will kill me :-((

What's a shame for me ...
But I don't see really bad opening lines in AnMon games, maybe two games only with risky lines.

Just an idea ?!?
A. Double shame for me or
B. We can solved the situation ...

UCI AnMon 5.50 will play all games in this tourney with my opening book again.
Perhaps I can found a bigger bug or ... more easy ... my opening book is bad for AnMon or bad generally ?!

All in all ... Harry Schnapp must be genial artist. His opening book is really one of the best I ever saw.
But noboday will believe me if my own book is soooooo bad.
The most will thinking that Frank don't have knowledge about good opening lines.

I have to hold my flag / honor and UCI AnMon 5.50 will make one of the first six places ... you will see it :-)

- Fruit playing with the opening book by Michael Jesdinsky.
- AnMon is playing with the opening book by Frank Quisinsky.
- Guest = Gandalf 6.0 and Fruit 2.0 (ATL League A engines).

Rank Engine Country Score Ga Sl Fr Wi De Sp Pe GL Za Pa Cr La Da Ni Mo Ph Na Am An Kn S-B
01 Gandalf 6.0 29.5/38 · · =1 11 =0 =1 == 01 11 1= 1= 10 11 11 1= 11 11 10 11 1= 11  535,00 
02 SlowChess Blitz 0.4 24.0/38 =0 · · == 11 1= =1 =0 =0 =0 1= 1= 01 11 1= 11 =1 == 01 11 01  438,25 
03 Fruit 2.0 24.0/38 00 == · · 1= == =0 10 10 =1 01 10 11 1= =1 =1 11 01 11 11 01  424,50 
04 WildCat 4.0 22.5/38 =1 00 0= · · == 00 =1 10 1= 11 =1 10 11 =1 00 =1 == 11 10 11  407,25 
05 Delfi Trainer 4.5 22.5/38 =0 0= == == · · 1= 00 01 == 1= 01 1= 1= =1 =1 =1 11 01 10 11  399,75 
06 Spike 0.9 X2 21.0/38 == =0 =1 11 0= · · 00 =0 10 =1 00 == 10 10 == 01 11 11 11 1=  383,00 
07 Pepito 1.59 20.5/38 10 =1 01 =0 11 11 · · 11 00 =0 10 01 00 0= 0= 1= 11 00 11 1=  393,00 
08 GLChess 3.0122 20.0/38 00 =1 01 01 10 =1 00 · · 1= 1= 10 00 10 10 01 11 =1 10 0= 11  362,75 
09 Zarkov 4.74 18.5/38 0= =1 =0 0= == 01 11 0= · · 11 0= 01 10 =0 11 =0 == 0= 1= 0=  349,00 
10 Patriot 1.3.0 18.5/38 0= 0= 10 00 0= =0 =1 0= 00 · · 11 11 =1 10 01 01 11 =0 10 1=  330,75 
11 Crafty 19.17 18.0/38 01 0= 01 =0 10 11 01 01 1= 00 · · 01 =0 =1 == 0= 0= 11 =1 00  343,75 
12 LambChop 10.99 17.5/38 00 10 00 01 0= == 10 11 10 00 10 · · == 1= 1= 00 00 == 11 11  311,75 
13 DanChess 1.08 17.0/38 00 00 0= 00 0= 01 11 01 01 =0 =1 == · · 11 00 00 11 1= 0= 11  296,50 
14 Nimzo 2000b 16.0/38 0= 0= =0 =0 =0 01 1= 01 =1 01 =0 0= 00 · · =1 == =0 =1 =1 0=  296,25 
15 Movei 00.8.295 16.0/38 00 00 =0 11 =0 == 1= 10 00 10 == 0= 11 =0 · · 1= 00 0= 10 =1  293,25 
16 Pharaon 3.2 16.0/38 00 =0 00 =0 =0 10 0= 00 =1 10 1= 11 11 == 0= · · 10 =1 01 00  285,00 
17 Naum 1.6 Beta 3 15.5/38 01 == 10 == 00 00 00 =0 == 00 1= 11 00 =1 11 01 · · == 00 01  290,50 
18 Amyan 1.594 15.0/38 00 10 00 00 10 00 11 01 1= =1 00 == 0= =0 1= =0 == · · 00 11  270,50 
19 AnMon 5.51 15.0/38 0= 00 00 01 01 00 00 1= 0= 01 =0 00 1= =0 01 10 11 11 · · 10  266,00 
20 Knight Dreamer 3.3 13.0/38 00 10 10 00 00 0= 0= 00 1= 0= 11 00 00 1= =0 11 10 00 01 · ·  236,25 

380 games played / Tournament finished
Tournament start: 2005.01.23, 23:19:45
Latest update: 2005.02.02, 20:13:10
Site/ Country: Schweich, Germany
Level: Turnier 40/10
Hardware: 4x Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 2.80GHz mit 2.047 MB Speicher
Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)
Axon Benchmark: Axon-Benchmark-4 (00:00:38.9 sec.) [2367545 pps.] PowX= 7.376
Table created with: Arena 1.1



February 03rd, 2005
Interviews with Stefan Meyer-Kahlen
(Shredder, UCI) and Steen Suurballe (Gandalf) soon

31, FQ

Advance notice!

After my News-Ticker Message 17 I am thinking about Shredder and Gandalf, the information I gave are not enough and bad!

This programs are the strongest available UCI engines, Shredder is in my opinion the number one in the World. Gandalf have perhaps the most spectacular attacking playing style. Clear that I try to find out more information about this great developements for the users of the chess community.

In the latest three days I am working with Alexander Schmidt (UCI Engines) on two interviews with the UCI TOP engine programmers (each interview with 23 questions). The interview with Stefan Meyer-Kahlen is to 99,9% available today on and and in German language. The second interview with Steen Suurballe is available in German and English and available Monday, Tuesday. I am sure you will like both interviews ... see you later!

Shredder 9 UCI graphical user interface, comes with Shredder 9.0 / Deep Shredder 9.0!

Ab dem
7.2.2005 wird Shredder 9 UCI and Deep Shredder 9 UCI hier auf zum Preis von 49,95 bzw. 99,95 EUR erhältlich sein. Des Weiteren gibt es ab diesem Zeitpunkt auch Shredder Classic 1.2 zum Preis von 29,95 EUR. Alle Varianten werden mit einer verbesserten Version der Shredder-Benutzeroberfläche ausgeliefert. Shredder Classic 1.2 ist ein KOSTENLOSES UPDATE für alle Shredder Classic 1.x Kunden. Ein Upgrade von Shredder Classic 1.x auf Shredder 9 UCI kostet 24,95, auf Deep Shredder 9 UCI 74,95 EUR. Ein Upgrade von Shredder 9 UCI auf Deep Shredder 9 UCI kostet 54,95 EUR.
Falls Sie weitere Fragen haben oder direkt bei Erscheinen informiert werden wollen, schreiben Sie bitte eine Email an
zu finden auf der Webseite von Stefan

On February 7th, Shredder 9 UCI and Deep Shredder 9 UCI will be available here on for 49.95 resp. 99.95 EUR / USD. Additionally Shredder Classic 1.2 will be out for 29.95 USD / EUR. All versions will be delivered with an improved version of the Shredder user interface. Shredder Classic 1.2 is a FREE UPDATE for all Shredder Classic 1.x customers, an upgrade from Shredder Classic 1.x to Shredder 9 UCI costs 24.95, to Deep Shredder 9 UCI 74.95 EUR / USD. An upgrade from Shredder 9 UCI to Deep Shredder 9 UCI costs 54.95 EUR / USD.
If you have further question or want to be informed directly on the release please contact
can be found on the webpage by Stefan

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