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Betsy by Landon W. Rabern, USA
*** The first Chess960 ENGINE ***


Janneke and Landon W. Rabern at Skylla christmas party 2001, in Utrecht (Netherlands)


A little bit about Betsy:
Betsy webpage

I started work on Betsy my senior year of highschool in 1999. It was originally in Pascal with its own text interface. Then my first year of college I rewrote it in C using rotated bitboards and giving it a GUI using Allegra with DJGPP. I continued to work on it off and on over the years and then last year I studied abroad in the Netherlands for the year and was unable to work on Betsy. When I got back I added pondering and made some big improvements to the search and evaluation. Betsy uses PVS, Null Move, and other standard techniques. It also has quite a few non-standard extensions and reductions; I tried to make these rather aggressive. Because of this it may miss something obvious sometimes, but hopefully it will see great things as well. Recently I made Betsy play Chess960 and I hope others will follow suit.

Written by Landon W. Rabern!

Betsy is the first Chess960 available Engine. At the moment are 186 WinBoard (May 15th, 2003)  and 35 UCI engines available. This was the reason for adding Betsy in our setup files as Arena Partner and we are very happy to have a new and strong partner program. More information about Chess960 can be found on the webpages by Smirf programmer Reinhard Scharnagl.

Written by Frank Quisinsky!

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