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Chispa by Federico Andrés Corigliano, Argentina
*** The second Chess960 ENGINE


A little bit about Chispa:
Chispa webpage

"I started to work in Chispa in the middle of 2002. Then I delayed the work until December of 2002 (when I finished the High School) that I started to work full time on it. In January of 2003 the first version was released with only WB support. Some days later I added UCI support. In the first days of March I released the version 2.0 with Nalimov Tablebases support. And now, June of 2003 I added Chess960 support to Chispa. Chispa uses the most common chess techniques: negamax, alpha-beta pruning, hash tables for move ordering and transpositions, null-move pruning with R = 2, Static Exchange Evaluator, openings book, Nalimov Endgames Tablebases.

The bad parts of Chispa are the speed and the evaluation function, that I want to improve in the winter holidays of this year (2003). The current rating is not very high and not very low (~2150-2200 ELO).

Written by Federico Andrés Corigliano!


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