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Dragon by Bruno LUCAS, France

Capture vs. Dragon, France-ch 2003!
Dragon programmer Bruno LUCAS on the right side (in front Sylvain Renard).
Both programmers are playing with Arena Chess GUI
We are happy, that so many French programmers used our software for the France-ch 2003
Examples: Capture, Dragon, ElChinito, Adam, SmallC, Majestic!


Dragon downloads are available on WBEC Ridderkerk!
Leo Dijksman (WBEC Ridderkerk)

A little bit about Dragon:

Dragon 4.0: Dragon 4.0 is based on bitboard.  It has the same evaluations of Dragon 3.x.  The search has been updated.  I removed bad extensions, especially those ones that were greedy on nodes and time.  The main differences between Dragon 4.0 and Dragon 3.x  are on search extensions, sorting of moves and test evaluations.  Dragon 4.0 shows that Dragon 3.0 is deficient on these departments.  The cleaning of the source was beneficial. The changes I made on Dragon 4.0 are more rigorous than those done on Dragon 3.0."

Dragon 4.1: Slight improvement with searches and evaluations. Also, the  use of the opening book with random selection of moves.  In the future, I hope to continue improving on the searches.  I rewrote the evaluation functions and improved on pawn structures, King security and attack, and endgames."

Dragon 4.2: "Correction on UCI promotion, winboard now ponders, detection for mate announcement, draw correction, hash tables, and corrections on evaluation of isolated pawns."

Dragon 4.2.3: "Improvement on evaluation of passed pawns, blocked pawns and other pawn structures."

Dragon 4.3: "King attack, fixed a lot of bugs in eval: Passed pawn, connected, rook, queen tropism, use IID, bug in move sorting (when it is PV), introduction in learning: Generation of 2 text file."

Dragon 4.3.1: Fixed the problem of draw in winning position (WB), fixed the time problem under UCI, fixed the TB problem under Fritz 7 GUI. For WB you must use the last Dragon4.ini (English file).

Dragon 4.4.3:  Improvments in search.

Dragon 4.5:  Improvments in evaluation of passed pawns.

Written by Bruno LUCAS!


Dragon played in the latest versions over 150 ELO stronger compare to the first free versions 3.x!

2003, 5th French programmers Massy 3.5/6 points, ranking 6 of 18
1996, 4th France-ch Clichy 5/9 points, ranking 6 of 10
1997, 5th France-ch Clichy 4/9 points, ranking 9 of 14
1997, 15th WMCCC Paris 3/11 points, ranking 33 of 34
1998, 6th France-ch Clichy 7/11 points, ranking 9 of 16
1999, 1st French programmers Massy 4/7 points, ranking 5 of 12
2000, 8th France-ch Massy 6/9 points, ranking 3 of 10
2000, 2nd French programmers Massy 2/6 points, ranking 7 of 10
2001, 3rd French programmers Massy 3/6 points, ranking 7 of 12
2002, 4th French programmers Massy 3/6 points, ranking 7 of 12
2002, 9th France-ch Massy 8/11 points, ranking 4 of 12
2003, 10th France-ch Massy 5/7 points, ranking 2 of 14
2005, 7th French programmers Massy 6/9 points, ranking 4 of 10

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