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Nejmet by Jean-Christophe GABILLARD, France


A little bit about Nejmet:
Nejmet webpage

"Nejmet is an amateur program which was started in 1997. This program has a level  similar to a International Great Master of Chess. Nejmet uses the ABDADA algorithm on multiprocessor computers. It’s able to think on opponent’s time. His opening book has been created with lots of IGM’s games and it’s able to learn to avoid the unsuccessful lines into openings. Nejmet is an endgame expert when it uses the endgame database to Nalimov format."

Written by Jean-Christophe GABILLARD!




Nejmet is one of the new stars and one of the TOP 10 of free available chess programs!

1998, 6th France-ch Clichy 5/11 points, ranking 11 of 16
1999, 7th France-ch Clichy 4.5/7 points, ranking 5 of 12
2000, 8th France-ch Massy 4/9 points, ranking 7 of 10


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