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People Involved

Arena programmer: Martin Blume (Germany)

Arena main testers:

01. Michael Diosi (Germany)
02. Hans Ericson (Sweden)
Christopher Conkie (Scottland)
04. Michael Jesdinsky (Germany) 

Languages (translation), *.lng 

01. Bulgarian = Evgenii Manev (Bulgaria)
02. Catalan = by Harold Roig (Catalonia)
03. Czech = by Emil Vlasák (Czech)
04. Dutch = by Johan Havegheer (Belgium), in the past Mijke de Witt (The Netherlands)
05. English = by Martin Blume (Germany)
06. French = by Pascal Golay (Switzerland), in additional by Patrick Buchmann (Elsass)
07. German = by Martin Blume (Germany)
08. Hungarian = by Gábor Szõts (Hungary)
09. Italian = by Ivo Fasiori (Italy)
10. Lithuanian = by Romualdas Birmanas (Lithuania)
11. Norwegian = by Morten Skarstad (Norway)
12. Polish = by Robert Gierach/Grzegorz Sidorowicz (Poland)
13. Portuguese = by Dilso A. Borges (Brazil), in the past by Florenzio Queiroz (Brazil)
14. Romanian = by Mircea Hrubaru (Romania), in additional by Michael Diosi / Andrei Fortuna.
15. Russian = by Alex Sedykh (Russia)
16. Slovak = by Lubomir HRNCAR (Slovakia)
17. Spanish = by Roberto Hernández (Guatemala) in the past by Federico Andrés Corigliano (Argentina)/Agustín Gomila (Argentina)
18. Swedish = by Hans Ericson, in the past helps by Jean Peter Fendrich (Sweden)
19. Turkish = by Dr. Harun Taner/former by Sedat Canbaz (Turkey)
               20. Chinese (traditional)= by Laurence Huang (Taiwan)




Opening classifications (translation), ecocodes.txt


ecocodes.txt is developed by Christopher Conkie (Scotland)
ECO code EXCEL table is developed by Agustín Gomila (Argentina)


01. Catalan = by Harold Roig (Catalonia)
Dutch = by Johan Havegheer (The Netherlands)
English = Christopher Conkie (Scotland)
04. French = by Arnaud LOHEAC (France)
05. German = Christopher Conkie (Scotland)
06. Italian = Massimo Luise (Italy)
07. Portuguese = by Dilso A. Borges (Brazil)
08. Spanish = by Agustín Gomila (Argentina)
09. Swedish = by Hans Ericson (Sweden)
10. Lithuanian = by Romualdas Birmanas (Lithuania)




Opening books, *.abk


01. Alexander Schmidt (Germany)
02. Andreas Runge (Germany)
Carlos Pesce (Argentina)
Chris Tatham (England)
Dann Corbit (USA)
David Dahlem (USA)
Denis Grafen, Engine Books -format by engine programmers- (Germany)
Prof. Dr. Djordje Vidanovic (Serbia and Montenegro)
Frank Quisinsky (Germany)
10. Kevin Frayer (USA)
11. Michael Jesdinsky (Germany)
12. Michael Scheidl (Austria)
13. Norman Mielke (Germany)
14. Salvatore Spitaleri (Italy)
15. Sedat Canbaz (Turkey)
16. Harry Schnapp (Germany)




GM database for random tournaments:
by Olivier DEVILLE (France)
by Frank Quisinsky (Germany)




CC-Calendar, database of older official computer chess tournaments:
by Pierre BOURGET (France)
by Frank Quisinsky (Germany)




Move Announcements / intros:


01. English = by Jörg Borchardt (Germany)
02. German = by Jörg Borchardt (Germany)
03. Russian = by Alex Sedykh (Russia)
04. Spanish = by Federico Andrés Corigliano (Argentina)
05. English female = by Dave Dahlem (USA)
06. French = by David Lièvre (Switzerland)
06. Intros by = by Jörg Borchardt (Germany)
07. Intros by = by Jonas Bylund (Denmark)




Help files


01. Russian = by Alex Sedykh (Russia)
02. Spanish = by Agustín Gomila (Argentina)
03. Swedish = by Hans Ericson (Sweden)
                                                   04. French = by Patrice David (France)




Engine configuration, engines.ini
by Pedro Beltran (Mexiko)
by Hans Erikson (Sweden)




Graphics for Arena GUI and webpage:
by Wilhelm Hudetz (Austria)




Partner engines:


01. UCI SOS for Arena by Rudolf Huber, Main ENGINE (Germany)
02. UCI AnMon by Christian BARRETEAU (France)
03. UCI Dragon by Bruno LUCAS (France)
04. UCI / WB Nejmet by Jean-Christophe GABILLARD (France)
05. UCI / WB Ruffian by Per-Ola Valfridsson (Sweden)
06. UCI / WB Hermann by Volker Annuss (Germany)
07. UCI / WB Spike by Volker Böhm & Ralf Schäfer (Germany)


01. Chess960 Chispa by Federico Andrés Corigliano (Argentina)
02. Chess960 Betsy by Landan W. Rabern (USA)
03. Chess960 Hermann by Volker Annuss (Germany)
04. Chess960 Frenzee by Sune Fischer (Denmark)
05. Chess960 Aice by Anastasios Milikas (Greece)


01. UCI / WB Patzer by Roland Pfister (Germany, gave the permission to use Patzer).
02. WB Patriot Light by Vladimir Yelin (Belarus, game the permission to use Patriot).
03. UCI / WB Pharaon by Franck ZIBI (France, gave the permission to use Pharaon).
04. WB Delfi by Dr. Fabio Cavicchio (Italy, gave the permission to use Delfi).


Thanks to:
01. Tim Mann (USA, WinBoard protocol)
02. Stefan Meyer-Kahlen and Rudolf Huber (Germany, UCI protocol)






01. Martin Blume (Gemrany, Arena)
02. Prof. Dr. Robert Hyatt (USA, Crafty)
03. Tim Mann (USA, WinBoard)
04. Perola Valfridsson (Sweden, Ruffian)
05. Hans-Walter Schmitt (Germany)
06. Stefan Meyer-Kahlen (Germany, Shredder)
07. Steen Suurballe (Denmark, Gandalf)
08. Jon Dart (USA, Arasan)
09. Jonathan Kreuzer (USA, SlowChess)
10. Maciej Pestka (Poland, Matazc)
11. Aleksandar Naumov (Canada, Naum)
12. Rahman Paidar (Iran, Ktulu)
13. Volker Böhm & Ralf Schäfer (Germany, Spike)




Additional files, plugins, programs:


Axon Bench
by Vladan Vuckovic (Serbia and Montenegro)
by Prof. Dr. Djordje Vidanovic (Serbia and Montenegro)


by Dr. Frank Schubert (Germany)


Telnet Suite
by Francois Piette (Belgium)


Nalimov endgame databases (tablebases)
by Eugene Nalimov (USA)
by Andrew Kadatsch (USA)


DGT *.dll file / dirver (for DGT clock XP)
by Hermen Reitsma (The Netherlands, DGT projects)


Swiss tourney manager / UCI filter
by Volker Annuss (Germany)



by Eberhard Jiritschka (Germany)


Setup program:
We used Inno Setup 5.2.3 by Jordan Russell for Arena setup files.
small arrow Inno Setup



Partner websites:

01. small arrow Schach Niggemann (dealer for books, chess computers, programs and much more)
02. small arrow DGT projects (electronic chess board and clock)
03. small arrow UCI engines (Archive) by Alexander Schmidt (information about UCI engines)
04. small arrow Smirf by Reinhard Scharnagl (information about Fischer Random Chess)
05. small arrow Chesstigers (information about Fischer Random Chess, Chess960 WM Mainz)
06. small arrow ChessAcademy by Witali Braslawski (learn chess with Chess Academy, database and playing program).
07. small arrow by Christopher Conkie & Michael Diosi



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