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ECO Opening Classification (11)

Developed by Christopher Conkie (Scotland)

Here you find localized versions of the opening classification strings displayed in Arena. See below on hints on translating into a different language.


Turkish (Turkish) by Dr. Harun Taner(Turkey)

Swedish Flag 2007-02-08 Arrow ecocodes29.txt-v117.rar (Swedish) by Hans Ericson (Sweden)

UK Flag Scottish Flag 2007-02-08 Arrow ecocodes9.txt-v117.rar (English) by Christopher Conkie (Scotland)

Catalan Flag 2004-03-27 Arrow (Catalan) by Harold Roig (Catalonia)

Dutch Flag Belgium Flag 2005-01-27 Arrow (Dutch) by Johan Havegheer (Belgium)

French Flag 2005-01-18 Arrow (French) by Arnaud LOHEAC (France)

German Flag Scottish Flag 2004-06-11 Arrow (German) by Christopher Conkie (Scotland)

Italian Flag 2005-01-23 Arrow (Italian) by Massimo Luise (Italy)

Portuguese Flag Brazilian Flag 2005-01-22 Arrow (Portuguese) by Dilso A. Borges (Brazil)



Portuguese Flag Brazilian Flag 2007-11-07 Arrow ecocodes22.txt-v117.rar (Portuguese) by Hans Eriksson (Sweden)

Dutch Flag Belgium Flag 2007-11-07 Arrow ecocodes19.txt-v117.rar (Dutch) by Hans Eriksson (Sweden)

French Flag 2007-11-07 Arrow ecocodes12.txt-v117.rar (French) by Hans Eriksson (Sweden)

German Flag 2007-11-05 Arrow ecocodes7.txt-v117.rar (German) by Hans Eriksson (Sweden)

Italian Flag 2007-05-10 Arrow ecocodes16.txt-v117.rar (Italian) by Massimo Luise (Italy)

Lithuanian Flag 2007-02-09 Arrow ecocodes39.txt-v117.rar (Lithuanian) by Romualdas Birmanas (Lithuania)

Spanish Flag Arentinian Flag 2007-02-08 Arrow ecocodes10.txt-v117.rar (Spanish) by Agustín Gomila (Argentina)


Translating into Different Languages:

On 2005-01-17, Agustín Gomila sent us an Excel table with all the ECO codes lines. It's easy to translate with Excel the ecocode.txt file in other languages. A very helpful work by Agustín. Arnaud for an example used this file for the latest update and have also written that the work by Agustin is just great. With the permission of Agustín we offer the Excel table for download. More information can be found in arena-eco.txt file (written by Agustín Gomila).

Spanish Flag Argeninian Flag Arrow (0,80 MB)
Excel table with all ECO code lines in three languages, English, Spanish and French, by
Agustín Gomila (Argentina).
A big help for a Gladiator that have interest to translate this file in an other language.

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