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Opening Books (21) 

Arena's book format = *.abk

We collect "Arena opening books" and "Arena engine books".

Use 7-zip or WinRAR to unpack the opening books.


01. USA Flag Dann Corbit Arrow DC FTP (SuperBook)
Updated: 2005-01-15:  Arrow d-corbit-v02__superbook.rar  (7,75 MB, 92 MB *.abk)
Moves: 3.290.576
Book depth: 100 halfmoves


02.  Flag Salvatore Spitaleri (SOS Trabs)
Updated: 2005-03-31: Arrow s-spitaleri-v03__sos-trabs.rar  (5.03 MB, 57 MB *.abk)
Moves: 2.053.290
Book depth: 70 halfmoves

I want to give to Rudolf, you and all gladiators this small piece of art.
In my tests (ChessBase format) SOS has earned beyond 100 ELO, against Shredder, Junior, Hiarcs.
Please send it to Rudolf, if he like it, he can use it in WMCCC or I can build a book in SOS's format.

- balanced and hand tuned opening book with tricky lines


03.  Flag Denis Grafen ("AEB" = Arena Engine Book)
Updated: 2005-01-06:  Arrow d-grafen-v02__aeb.rar  (6,39 MB, 49 MB *.abk)
Moves: 1.762.635
Book depth: 24 halfmoves

- Elo 2550
- no game fragments
- no analysis lines
- no games with less than 20 moves
- all games ends 1-0, 1/2-1/2 or 0-1


04.  Flag Salvatore Spitaleri (Trappole in Apertura)
Updated: 2004-08-16: Arrow s-spitaleri-v29__trappole-in-apertura.rar  (4.21 MB, 41 MB *.abk)
Moves: 1.464.145
Book depth: 40 halfmoves

- hand tuned and optimized opening lines


05.  Flag Frank Quisinsky (Spezial)
Updated: 2005-01-19: Arrow f-quisinsky-v03__spezial.rar  (3.63 MB, 37 MB *.abk)
Moves: 1.345.479
Book depth: 36 halfmoves

- eng. vs. eng. games on my Dual systems with ponder=on from the latest four years.
- CC-Computer chess database (from CC-Calendar, games 1992 up to today).
- the GM database by
Olivier DEVILLE.
- few special games I collect in the latest years.
- few "killer opening variants" I collect in the latest years.
- the database have 26.958 games, each game with more than 20 moves
- no comments, ELO and other information in PGN file.
- hand tuned.
new in version 3.0: I added around 30.000 selected games, each game with more than 20 moves
  (drawn games 25 up to 99 moves, 1:0 / 0:1 games 30 up to 99 moves)


06.  Flag Sedat Canbaz (Perfect)
Updated: 2005-05-15:  Arrow s-canbaz-v071__perfect.rar  (2,21 MB, 24 MB *.abk)
Moves: 862.609
Book depth: 40 halfmoves

- based on 36000 Super GM draw games-average 2600 ELO
- book depth up to 40 halfmoves(Moves: 862.609)
- haned tuned and carefully optimised the strongest lines
- learning function is protected
- no game fragments
- no analysis lines
- no blitz games
- no games up to 20 moves
- no annotations
- no computer games
- no draw book openings


07.  Flag Andreas Runge (TWIC, Chesslib, ChessCollect)
Arrow a-runge-v01__personal.rar  (1,37 MB,
14 MB *.abk) ... included in Arena 1.1 Setup versions!
Moves: 499.653
Book depth: 36 halfmoves


08.  Flag Chris Tatham (Personal Opening Book)
Arrow c-tatham-v01__personal.rar  (1,30 MB,
12 MB *.abk)
Moves: 435.344
Book depth: 30 halfmoves

For info, it is based on my pgn collection gathered from various sources: 30,000+ super GM games (ie both players rated over 2600), includes all games (ie win / draw / losses) but only those over 60 ply. max book depth is 15 moves.


09.  Flag Michael Jesdinsky (Draw Book)
Arrow m-jesdinsky-v01__remis.rar  (0,94 MB, 8 MB *.abk)
Moves: 315.394
Book depth: 26 halfmoves

Michael created an opening book from drawn games only. A solid book, Engines should not be out of book with a disadvantage. The book is hand tuned and the author will work in the future on improvements.


10.  Flag Denis Grafen ("ASB" = Arena Strong Book)
Updated: 2005-01-06:  Arrow d-grafen-v02__asb.rar  (0,73 MB, 6 MB *.abk)
Moves: 238.619
Book depth: 28 halfmoves

- Elo 2700
- no game fragments
- no analysis lines
- no games with less than 10 moves
- all games ends 1-0, 1/2-1/2 or 0-1


11.  Flag Prof. Dr. Djordje Vidanovic (Personal Opening Book)
Arrow d-vidanovic-v01__personal.rar  (0,45 MB, 5 MB *.abk)
Moves: 178.841
Book depth: 50 halfmoves


12.  Flag Gabriel LEPERLIER (from computer chess eng-eng games)
Updated: 2005-07-06:  Arrow g-leperlier-v7-2005__personal.rar  (0,50 MB, 4 MB *.abk)
Moves: 182.718
Book depth: 30 halfmoves

This is a book made with my UCI engines games for French UEL until 2005-07-03.
It's a little book but the variety of play is interesting.

"I'll try now to make updates on a regular basis : 1 per month. I only add my engine vs engine games published on "Le Fou Numerique" to this book. My tournaments are usually made on Arena GUI, but I am using ChessBase GUI too. My Arena's favorite option is the one that allow to take a random opening in a PGN at move X. As I use IGM and IM PGN's, the barebone of my book is solid. But I am playing my tournaments with all Free UCI engines, the weaker engine as well as the best ones, so we can say that those engines gives diversity to my book. Making a tournament with my book gives a real variety of play. Using my book as a tournament book to take advantage vs another book is a interesting idea because you have many chances to take your opponent out of book quickly ;-)."


13.  Flag Alexander Schmidt (Shredder)
ENGINE BOOK for Shredder
Arrow a-schmidt-v03__shredder.rar
  (0,50 MB, 3 MB *.abk)
Moves: 120.149
Book depth: 70 halfmoves

"Arena Enginebook for Shredder: This book is optimized for the playing style of Shredder, but it must be used together with a mainbook because it contains only important lines and good moves for Shredder. Important: Don't change the settings, the probability must  be set only by the number of games"


14.  Flag Michael Scheidl Arrow Permanent Brain (2600 ELO Opening Book)
Arrow m-scheidl-v01_2600-20.rar  (0,33 MB, 2 MB *.abk)
Moves: 92.588
Book depth: 20 halfmoves


15.  Flag Michael Scheidl Arrow Permanent Brain (2600 ELO Opening Book)
Updated: 2006-03-31 Arrow  (0,42 MB, 2,41 MB *.abk)
Moves: 89.513
Book depth: 24 halfmoves

"Als Neufassung meines vorigen kleinen 2600er-Arena Buches stelle ich das 2600_24.abk zur Verfügung. Die Buchtiefe ist mit 24 um 4 Halbzüge größer. Es beruht auf 8.137 Meisterpartien von Spielern über 2600 Elo. Die Datenbasis enthielt nur relativ kurze Gewinnpartien und lange Remis (also keine kurzen "Großmeisterremisen" ). Die Idee dabei: Besserer statistischer Zusammenhang zwischen den Eröffnungszügen und einem aussagekräftigen Partieergebnis. Das ungetunete Buch kann für oft gespielte Eröffnungen Theorieunterstützung für bis zu 12 Zügen geben, wählt aber gerne auch seltene Fortsetzungen aus. Bedingt durch die zugrunde liegende GM-Praxis gibt es dann oft nur sehr kurze aktiv ausspielbare Varianten, sodaß es zum Teil faktisch als Kurzbuch funktioniert. (Aus demselben Grund hat es Lücken, z.B. fehlt 1.Sc3.) Es ist für buchneutrale Matches und Turniere gedacht, wo alle Engines dasselbe Buch benutzen und häufig die Eröffnung selbst abschließen müssen. "


16.  Flag Alexander Schmidt (List)
Arrow a-schmidt-v03__list.rar  (0,18 MB, 2 MB *.abk)
Moves: 72.292
Book depth: 40 halfmoves

"Arena Enginebook for List: This book is optimized for the playing style of List, it is kept small and must be used together with a mainbook. You can try to improve the settings."


17. USA Flag David Dahlem (18.000 games with over 2.600 ELO, only draw games)
Arrow d-dahlem-v01__draw.rar (0,09 MB, 0,5 MB *.abk)
Moves: 19.209
Book depth: 10 halfmoves

"Here's my 2600_Draw.abk book i created from 18,000 draw games of Grandmasters with elo of 2600 or more. I've done some testing with it, and it looks good to me. It's 549 kb in size, not too small and not too large."


18.  Flag Alexander Schmidt (Fruit)
Arrow a-schmidt-v03__fruit.rar  (0,04 MB, 0,5 MB *.abk)
Moves: 18.783
Book depth: 40 halfmoves

"Arena Enginebook for Fruit: This book is optimized for the playing style of Fruit, it is kept small and must be used together with a mainbook. You can try to improve the settings."


19.  Flag David Dahlem (ECO Equal)
Arrow d-dahlem-v01__eco-equal.rar (0,01 MB, 0,1 MB *.abk)
Moves: 2.822
Book depth: 10 halfmoves


20.  Flag Norman Mielke (books with games from Kasparow, Tal and to the Gibbens-Weidenhagen Gambit)
Arena opening books can be found under: Arrow

" The new Mainbook 7moves.abk is particularly suitable for tournaments with same book and for engine- tests or gauntlets.All variants have the same length: 14 half moves. "


21.  Flag Alexander Schmidt (Gambit book)
New: 2009-02-17 Arrow Gambit Book


Small, nice gambit book by Alexander Schmidt.

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