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Partner Engines 

These are older versions of Arena partner engines.

SOS Logo v991103 (WB), v1 (UCI), v2 (UCI), v3 (UCI), v4 (UCI), v5 (UCI), v51 (UCI)

Older opening books: book-old, book-small, book-big

Anmon Logo v530 (UCI), v540 (UCI), v550 (UCI), v553-Massy-2005 (UCI), v560 (UCI) v566 (UCI)
Note: An Arena opening book for AnMon by Frank Quisinsky can be found on this selection too.I tested my opening book with my favorite engine AnMon!

Dragon Logo v45 (UCI), v46 (UCI)

Ruffian Logo v101 (UCI / WB), v105 (UCI / WB)

Free former Gladiator-Shop downloads!

Ruffian Logo
d-vidanovic-v01__reb.rar (2,60 MB), d-grafen-v02__reb.rar (1,57 MB), d-grafen-v02__rsb.rar (1,25 MB)

Ktulu Logo Ktulu by Rahman Paidar (Iran) can be found in Arrow
d-grafen-v01__keb.rar (13,41 MB), d-grafen-v01__ksb.rar (1,51 MB)

ktulu-original-book.rar (2,68 MB)
The opening book isn't changed since Ktulu 5.0/5.1.
You can use this opening book for Ktulu 7.x too.



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